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Easy Strawberry Rhubarb CobblerDessert has always been an important part of my family’s and my business life. You see, years ago I ran a site about a certain gelatin product that just took off. Well after years of growing the site and tons of great dessert content, a major player decided they did not like my use of domain name, so I sold the name to them and moved my content to Never quite achieved the same stature of the original even though the same great content and reworked much of it too.

Along the way I dabbled with a few other dessert topics and had some limited success with them keeping the same formula that made the other site so great.

Well, after Panda, Penguin and many months of research, I decided to take a different tack with my approach to my whole Internet business. I launched a few different test sites and found the new approach worked so to further that idea I am going through my whole network of sites and combining sites with similar interest into super sites.

The next phase of this is our beloved dessert group. I decided to merge four of our dessert sites into one super dessert site. is the outcome of this move. Over several weeks our coders moved all the content to the new site which followed the lessons learned in our first few site.The site is WordPress based and has a very unique navigation that will give you more ways to find and access your favorite recipes.

With that done, our writers took the posts and pages created and reworked, edited and made additions to every piece of content so it is the most informative it possibly can be for you. We aim to answer as many questions as we can think you might have before you even ask them. The site will have all the wonderful ability to interact with us as possible. We hope you like the project. The content is the same as the original site, only beefed up.


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Top Dessert Ideas to Keep Them Coming Back

Stracciatella and Chocolate Ice CreamEveryone loves to end their meal with a wonderful dessert, although the word ‘dessert’ means different things to different people. While some of us like classic desserts such as cobblers, pies and ice cream based dishes, others prefer to try something new and unusual, perhaps some international dessert recipes or a clever fusion dish. There are dessert recipes for every season, such as strawberry pavlova or vanilla mousse for a warm summer day, or a piping hot rhubarb cobbler or a hearty strudel on a chilly evening. Some desserts can also be served as a breakfast or snack, while others are perfect for finishing dinner. Desserts range from very sweet to tart or savory. There are desserts for every skill level too, whether you are brand new to dessert-making or a seasoned cook.

So how do you keep them coming back? How do you ensure your desserts come out like you hope and make certain everyone loves them? The secret is nothing more than finding the best dessert recipes and putting your heart and soul into making them. Although you might want to start off with something easy rather than finding a complex recipe with pastry, various toppings and preparation techniques, if you are new to making your own desserts, you will still find you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out something you know everyone is going to love. Follow a dessert recipe to the letter, put your own special twist on it, or tweak any of the components to come up with something unique. You can also get creative, for example decorating homemade cupcakes.

on the side, classic pie a la mode recipes, cheesecakes, gelatin desserts, layered dishes to catch the eye, or simply anything offering a sweet taste after your main meal, we have plenty of tempting desserts for you to choose from right here. The hardest thing about making dessert is deciding what to make. You have snacks like cookies, cupcakes and pies which can be enjoyed any time of the day, and then you also have mousses, puddings and trifles which will make you want to grab a spoon. In addition, take a look at our recipes for brownies, cheesecake, gelatin desserts, no-bake and crockpot options, crisps, cobblers, and more. Many of our desserts can be prepared ahead and then served chilled.

Recipe for Gingerbread LoafRecipe for Gingerbread Loaf – Classic recipes such as gingerbread loaf will never lose their appeal. If you are a fan of gingerbread, consider gingerbread cookies, cupcakes or gingerbread men to experience this wonderful flavor. Kids tend to love the taste of gingerbread and most of us find it is not a flavor we grow tired of. Rather, the appeal grows, and sometimes nothing hits that sweet spot like a freshly baked, warm slice of gingerbread smothered with butter. Banana bread is a similar treat you can make if you want to bake something, and that would be great for breakfast too, not to mention the ideal way of using up those bananas which are past their prime. When baking, keep an eye on whatever is in the oven to see when it is done, and then give it time to cool down if adding frosting.

Recipe for Rhubarb Bread Using Either Sour Cream or ButtermilkRecipe for Rhubarb Bread Using Either Sour Cream or Buttermilk – You will soon discover a lot of dessert recipes which are more versatile that you perhaps originally thought. Take fruit pies and breads, for example. You might want to make a Georgia peach pie because peaches are in season and you have a lot to use up, or a strawberry mousse using the strawberries you have grown in your own backyard, but then you might want to make something with an ingredient which is not in season or unavailable for another reason. Rhubarb bread can be made with fresh or canned rhubarb. Pumpkin pie can be prepared with fresh or canned pumpkin puree. In fact, it is always worth keeping some canned and frozen fruit to hand so whenever you want to prepare such a recipe you know you have all the right ingredients to make it taste incredible.

Fresh Strawberry Trifle RecipeFresh Strawberry Trifle Recipe with Red Wine – Juicy berries feature in many spring and summer desserts, not only because they are colorful and tasty, but also because they offer a light flavor and texture, making them ideal after a heavy meal because they contrast so well. Whether you are making the berries into a pie, mousse, trifle, or another dessert, combining them with low-fat yogurt or fromage frais, or pairing them with caramel, chocolate or something rich and indulgent, there is no doubt desserts with berries are a real favorite. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries and blueberries are just some of your choices. Berries are particularly great in trifle recipes, contrasting beautifully with the creamy custard, whipped cream, sponge, and other ingredients in there, to bring you something that tastes amazing.

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