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July 23, 2013

Design of new combined dessert site is finalized

July 25, 2013

Setup of new site begins

July 26, 2013

Import of seed sites begins

How We Became So Decadent

Dessert has always been an important part of my family’s and my business life. See years ago I ran a site about a certain gelatin product that just took off. Well after years of growing the site and tons of great dessert content a major player decided they did not like my use of domain name, so I sold the name to them and moved my content to Never quite achieved the same stature of the original even though the same great content and reworked much of it too.

Along the way I dabbled with a few other dessert topics and had some limited success with them keeping the same formula that made the other site so great.

Well Panda and Penguin and many months of research I have decide to take a different tact with my approach to my whole Internet business. I launched a few different test sites and found the new approach worked so to further that idea I am going through my whole network of sites and combining sites with similar interest into supper sites.

The next phase of this is our beloved dessert group I have decided to merge four of our dessert sites into one supper dessert site. is the outcome of this move. Over the next several weeks our coders will initially move all the content to the new site which will follow the lessons learned in our first few site. The site will be WordPress based and will have a very unique navigation that will give you more ways to find and access your favorite recipes.

When this is done our writers will take the post and pages created and rework, edit, make additions to every piece of content so it is the most informative it possibly can be for you. We aim to answer as many questions as we can think you might have before you even ask them. The site will have all the wonderful ability to interact with us as possible. We hope you like the project and we aim to have it complete by the holidays but the content is the same as the original site only beefed up.


Bon Appétit, and thanks for visiting,

Christine and Everyone here at Decadent Dessert Recipes






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