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Unusual Cheesecake Ideas

Most cheesecakes are based on the typical crumb, creamy filling and fruity or chocolate topping formula, but what can you do if you want to take your homemade cheesecake recipes to the next level? You might like to experiment with international cheesecakes, exotic flavorings, and unusual combinations or even make a savory cheesecake recipe to serve in tiny slices for an appetizer or larger ones for an unusual entree. Cheesecake recipes can be adapted or, once you are used to making this dessert, you can invent your own.

Using dulce de leche (a very thick caramel sauce) as your topping is a nice idea if you fancy a Latin-inspired cheesecake recipe, or you could make passion fruit cheesecake for an exotic touch, perhaps adding lime, lemon, grapefruit or pineapple to the creamy layer to intensify the exotic appeal. For a pomegranate cheesecake, you can run the seeds of a fresh pomegranate through a food processor or blender with grenadine, then strain the mixture and add half a cup of juice to the batter. This will give your cheesecake a beautiful pink color and add a special dimension to the flavor.

Cheesecakes with a Twist

You can add matcha, which is powdered green tea, to either the creamy layer or the topping, for a delicate oriental touch, or you could make a ginger and lemon flavored cheesecake with a gingersnap crust. Many Middle Eastern and Indian desserts feature rosewater, and you can add a few drops of that to your cheesecake batter for a fragrant result. Try a mojito cheesecake, using mint with lime, and finishing it off with whipped rum cream. Experiment with fresh herbs too. A peach and rosemary cheesecake could be nice, or a mango and basil one.

If you are looking for savory ideas, what about using blue cheese in the creamy layer and topping the cheesecake with crumbled bacon, or with figs, nuts and honey, or even making a wasabi cheesecake with ahi tuna? You could use a strong cheese in the middle layer and top the cheesecake with roasted or grilled tomatoes (which are naturally sweet), or you could use chili as well as chocolate for a Mexican cheesecake recipe.

Impressive Cake Recipes

There is no rule that a cake recipe must be difficult or elaborate in order to be impressive. After all, some of the simplest and most basic recipes for cake are the tastiest. Whether you are new to baking cakes or an accomplished home cook, there are plenty of great cake recipes you can choose from, which will impress anyone who samples a slice. Cake recipes vary enormously, and there are lots of different types.

Some cakes are made with fruit and nuts, some feature alcohol, and some are simple sponges, either served plain, frosted or sandwiched with jam and cream, frosting, or another substance. You can experiment with cake recipes, adding chocolate, coffee, vanilla, or another flavor, to give it a different taste, or you can match the cake from one cake recipe with the frosting from a different recipe, to come up with something totally unique.

Special Occasion Cakes

Baking a cake for a special occasion is no more difficult than baking a simple cake for your family to enjoy, but it might require more planning. For example, you need to pick out the perfect cake and ensure you buy the ingredients in plenty of time. Some special occasion cakes take more work than others do. They might be made in more layers, take longer to frost, or require you to add a fiddly garnish, little candies or bows, or other decorations. You might like to make a trial one first of all, just to practice, before you make the actual special occasion cake, just so you are confident that you can follow the recipe and get good results.

A special occasion cake can also be prepared like a regular cake but you can make a special frosting for it, or add some special garnishes. Not everyone likes fussy cakes, and a lot of people just like basic sponges with perhaps some vanilla buttercream frosting or another kind of frosting. You can also make frozen ice cream cakes if you want something a bit different. There are cake recipes for every palate and occasion, so you just need to browse a few and then decide which one appeals to you the most.

The Easiest Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecake recipes are simple enough for any home cook to attempt, even a beginner at cheesecake recipes. If you are new to making such a dessert, you might like to start off with no-bake cheesecake recipes, since they are very easy. A no-bake cheesecake usually has a butter and cookie crumb crust, a flavored cream cheese layer and some kind of topping. There is no cooking required, hence the name, and the cheesecake will contain gelatin to give it the right consistency. No-bake cheesecakes need to be made a couple of hours in advance, because they need to chill in the refrigerator so they set properly.

Once you are happy making these, you can progress to baked cheesecake recipes. As long as you follow the baked cheesecake recipe, your cheesecake should come out perfectly. Homemade cheesecake recipes are really special and charming. You can make the cheesecake as plain or as elaborate as you want. If you are new to making them, then start off with simple cheesecakes. There is plenty of time to experiment with new cheesecake tips and recipes.

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