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How to Pick Good Cupcake Business Names

There are more cupcake businesses open today than ever before and if you like to bake this might be an interesting niche in the market for you. People are willing to pay good money for gourmet cupcakes. They are cute, creative, and easier to serve that larger cakes, where someone has to be responsible for cutting neat, equally-sized slices.

If you are trying to think of cupcake business names, you will probably want to have the word “cupcake” in there somewhere. You might like to use your own name as well or a couple of words describing what exactly you do.

When choosing a business name remember that it has to be catchy, easy to remember and small enough to fit on your logo (if you want the name of the business on the logo). A successful business keeps its name for life so choose something you really like and will continue to like!

Name Examples

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing: Cupcake Heaven. The Cupcake Store. The Cupcake Bakery. Cupcake World. Cupcake Diva. For the Love of Cake. Cupcake Factory. Cupcakery. Best Cupcakes. Classy Cupcakes. Cupcakes by (your name goes here).

There are plenty more too. Just think about what exactly you want to offer and think of some words that describe it. Remember to compare your name with others online. Two cupcake businesses in the same area with the same name is asking for confusion and trouble!

Is a Cupcake Store the Right Business for You?

Cupcakes take us back to school bake sales and childhood birthdays, bringing feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Cupcake shop owners are doing well as people look for affordable indulgences during the recession.

There might not be a vacation to Hawaii this year, but people will pay a couple of dollars for a chocolate cupcake. One of the most important things to bear in mind is the location of your cupcake store.

Big cities are often inundated with cupcake stores but smaller towns might not have any. You can even start your cupcake business online and then progress to finding rented premises.

What can you offer that is unique? Yellow cake-mix cupcakes with Betty Crocker frosting is not going to drum up much trade, but flavor-filled cupcakes, customized designs, or square cupcakes would attract attention.

You might like to offer gourmet coffee, or even wine or beer if you have a seating area inside the store. The most important thing is to do your research and take your time. You will also need a reasonable budget saved up or a business start-up loan from the bank.



2 Responses to How to Pick Good Cupcake Business Names

  • Hello. I am thinking of starting an online cupcake business in Charlotte, NC. I have an idea of what to expect but can you tell me if the health board will need to inspect my home before I start or if I get a steady stream of customers and move to a commercial kitchen (such as at a church), then open up for business, would that be a better route? We’re also thinking of selling the house and we’ve a black lab so I’ve have feeling the health person will look down on that.

    As far as a name, I have thought of Chip in or Take a Break Cupcake. To me, they’re catchy and chances are, not used by others but I’d stil like to know for sure. Do you know if they are or should I go to the County Clerks office. What can I expect if I go there?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Hi,

      First off please be aware I am not a lawyer and with any questions of law and regulation it is best to consult one first. I would think as to name the secretary of states office would be the place to check a quick Google search might prove helpful too – use “” to be exact.

      As for the health question if you are serving food to the public I would think they would want to inspect the place you prepare the food even if at home. I would think the dog might be a game stopper.

      I give you all the encouragement in the world, running your own business is very rewarding but keep this in mind you will often work ten times as much for yourself as for someone else. Many think I own a business therefore I’m loaded. I personal work far more on mine then a regular job but with MS I don’t have a lot of options open to me so the fact I work for myself is the only real way to go for me.

      Hope this helps,


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