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Some Cakes Made Out of Cupcakes

Are you tired of trying to figure out how much cake you are going to need for your next party? Order one that is too small and guests go away with only a tiny sliver and one too large leaves you with birthday cake dinners for a week! One easy solution is to order or create a cake made out of cupcakes. These leave you with a simple way to provide each guest on your list with one cupcake and they can be made into any design you would like.

Do It Yourself

If you want to undertake this yourself rather than order cakes made out of cupcakes from the bakery you will first need to know approximately how many guests you will have and if you want a specific color or flavor combination. If so, choose your cupcake holders and cake flavors accordingly. Many people simply use a chocolate and vanilla combination.

Once you have a number you can begin to determine what type of design you would like. Your options truly are limitless, everything from cute little horses to a billiard rack are possible with cakes made out of cupcakes. The important thing is the icing colors and decorations you have available or do not mind purchasing. A simple Cheshire cat is really easy to make, simply ice all the cupcakes the same color, form the cats face and ears then use sprinkles to create eyes and the smile of course!

Other Kids’ Birthday Party Snacks

A cake, or a cake made out of cupcakes, is essential for a birthday party, but that is not the only thing you will be serving. You will need to balance out all that sugar by offering some healthy snacks too, unless the kids are only coming for an hour and will not need to be fed. Popular savory birthday party snacks include pasta salad or rice salad, pretzels or crunchy vegetables with hummus or another kind of dip.

Sandwiches and More

Sandwiches are always good and they can be made in advance. Try peanut butter and jelly if they are going to be out for a while, or tuna salad or egg salad if they are going to be served and eaten (sandwiches with mayonnaise do not keep well out of the refrigerator, especially in a warm room). You can also serve popcorn (plain or flavored) and chips.

Some appetizers and snacks which do well at an adults’ party are not going to do well at a kids’ one, and that includes deviled eggs or anything spicy, olives (which a lot of kids dislike) and anything with smoked salmon or other exotic ingredients. Stick to basic, simple foods which the kids will recognize and accept.

You might want to serve the food buffet-style so the kids can help themselves or for younger kids you can put a little of each thing on a plastic plate and let them eat it like that. Maybe some of the other moms will help you to divide out the food. Avoid nuts or other potential choking hazards if the children are very young.

Sensational Party Drinks for Kids

As for drinks, you can serve fruit juice, soda or even make a fruit punch. Try mixing together two kinds of fruit juice and then add 7Up® or Sprite® to the mixture. You can also add maraschino cherries and fresh mint sprigs to give it an exotic look. Chocolate milk or another kind of flavored milk might be popular or even regular milk. Make sure you have plenty of drinks for the kids, since they will get thirsty, especially if they are running around playing games.



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