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Halloween Cupcake Decorating Ideas – Zombie Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is a time for fun. Dark designs and spooky things are all part and parcel of the Halloween experience and your cupcakes should reflect that. Use a little creativity and some great inexpensive tools to create a jack o lantern cupcake for your Halloween guests. Using some orange frosting, go over the top of your cupcakes, regardless of what kind they are.

Candy corn makes wonderful eyes and noses, while a green stick of candy will make an admirable stem for your Jack O Lantern. A splash of black frosting will create a spooky mouth and make your pumpkin face come to life for this Halloween night. Halloween cupcake decorating ideas should express your imagination, offering just a little touch of fright to those who are eating them, as well as being incredibly sweet and delicious.

White frosting on a chocolate cupcake makes a wonderful background for a spider web that you create with some black frosting. Small spiders made of spun sugar will complete this little masterpiece and give your Halloween guests something wonderfully sweet and incredibly creepy to eat at the same time. What could be more lovely than a creepy treat that has them shuddering at the same time as they are enjoying your decorating skill. Use your imagination and create a real masterpiece for your guests this year. Create a Halloween to remember using Halloween cupcake decorating ideas.

Zombie Halloween Cupcakes

Zombie Halloween Cupcakes

Photo Description:

These are some of the spookiest-looking cupcakes ever. Resembling a green hand sticking out of a grave, dare you make and eat these spook-tacular cupcakes? Chocolate cupcakes dipped in cocoa powder or crushed chocolate cookie crumbs look just like earth or dirt, and you can add any Halloween decorations to them. Gummi worms or spiders would look great or you could even make orange frosted pumpkins with scary faces on. Making your own cupcakes for Halloween need not be too much of a challenge because there is so much you can do, and you can even let the kids help out.

The Most Expensive Cupcake Ever

A ‘couture cupcake shop’ in Philadelphia called Cupcakes Gourmet is selling red velvet cupcakes with a $55,000 price tag. Each one features an 8 carat diamond engagement ring from Warwick Jewelers who are based in Exton, Pennsylvania. You can order these cupcakes at any time of the year and if you have a slightly smaller budget you can get a version with a 1½ carat diamond.

Since there is nothing on Earth harder than a diamond, it goes without saying the diamond ring is not hidden inside the cupcake. Your significant other might have second thoughts about becoming your fiancée if you break her teeth or, just as bad, let her swallow the ring without realizing it was even in there. Instead the ring sits on top of the cupcake. If you want to order one of these, you need to call Cupcake Gourmet three or more days in advance to schedule a viewing. You cannot order this cupcake via the company’s online store.

This is certainly a sweet way to pop the question but perhaps too much for some people. If you want to propose and your loved one is a cupcake fan though, this is perhaps something to think about (if you do not mind getting a second mortgage on the house first). You could even make your own cupcakes and put the ring on top of one of those. It would certainly be a more economic option.

How About Pizza Instead

A slightly cheaper option is the Pizza Hut package. For $10,010 (plus tax) you get a ruby engagement ring, a limo service, flowers, a photographer, videographer, fireworks show, and $10 dinner box. This package was brought out around Valentines’ Day 2012 and the wedding goodies come with a medium one-topping pan pizza, accompanied by five breadsticks and marinara sauce, and 10 cinnamon sticks with an icing cup. So it depends whether you prefer to pop the question over dinner or dessert!



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