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What is Rhubarb Custard Candy

Rhubarb custard candy, which is known as rhubarb rock in the UK, comes in different forms. It is always a hard candy but sometimes it has a pink exterior wrapped around a green interior (to resemble a slice of fresh rhubarb) and other times the candy is half pink and half yellow (the pink is for the rhubarb and the yellow is for the custard).

This candy has a sour flavor and a sweet one at the same time, since the rhubarb is naturally sour, at least if you do not sweeten it with sugar when cooking with it, and the custard is of course sweet. These are very popular candies in the UK and almost every child is familiar with them.

Similar Candies to Rhubarb Custard Candy

If you enjoy the sour rhubarb flavor you might like to sample rhubarb pips, rhubarb pencils, rhubarb twists, or rhubarb leather candies. All of these have a similar flavor.

There is another famous candy in the UK which is called apple custard candy and this uses tart green apple flavoring instead of the rhubarb. These two flavors are not dissimilar, although the rhubarb custard candy has a definite rhubarb taste and the apple one tastes like apples.

Beloved British Candies

British candies differ from American ones, although some are very similar. The iconic British candy bar has to be Cadbury Dairy Milk and you can get this plain, or with whole nuts, shortbread cookie pieces, caramel, whipped fondant, or nuts and raisins. This is different from the Cadbury bar you can get in the United States. The British version contains milk, sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegetable fat, and emulsifiers.

The Hershey version begins the ingredient list with sugar (so there is more sugar in the American version and more milk in the British one). Soy lecithin and lactose are also on the ingredients label, as well as natural and artificial flavorings, so you can see how the British version is going to have a completely different taste.

Try the Curly Wurly, a strip of braided, chocolate-covered caramel, or the Crunchie bar, a crisp honeycomb-filled candy bar. The king of British candy bars is the Mars bar though, and about 3 million Mars bars are made every day in Slough, west of London. This is similar to a Milky Way but with a layer of caramel. You can fry it in batter (like fish) or serve it melted over ice cream.

Other Popular Candies in Britain

Also popular in Britain are soft jellies such as Fruit Pastilles or Fruit Gums (also called Wine Gums) and these are made by Rowntree. Kids love Jelly Tots and Jelly Babies, although Jelly Beans are reserved for older kids and adults. Cotton candy is known as candy floss in Britain, and then you can also find the usual array of ice creams, chocolate bars, fruit bars, chewy or boiled fruit candies, and much more.



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