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How to Make Gelatin Water

Gelatin water is a home remedy and many people were given gelatin water when they were a child. If you have an upset stomach or a sore throat, you might want to try this home remedy for yourself and see if it makes you feel better.

To make gelatin water, you need to stir a three-ounce package of gelatin powder into three or four cups of boiling water. When you make gelatin, it is normal to add two cups of water (one for finger gelatin).

Let the mixture cool down a little and drink it as hot as you can. The sugar relieves the hypoglycemic nausea you can get from not eating for a while and it gives you energy. The gelatin is soothing for your stomach and it coats your throat and stomach.

You can use any flavor of gelatin to make gelatin water. It might be best to avoid red gelatin if you have an upset stomach since you will not be able to see blood in it (and it is quite distressing to throw up a lot of red liquid for that reason!) If you feel quite nauseous but you still want to drink, make the gelatin water weaker.

If you are queasy or you have a sore throat, try some gelatin water. It really is comforting and makes you feel better. When you are better you might prefer to make a raspberry topped chocolate strawberry cake with the gelatin instead but that will have to wait until you feel brighter again!

Gelatin Water for Babies

Some parents like to make gelatin water for their babies and others disagree with this practice. If you are making gelatin water for a baby, make it very weak and serve it lukewarm. Gelatin is a combination of sugar, colorants, and gelatin so it does not contain anything a baby needs.

However if you want to encourage your baby or young child to drink, gelatin adds an appealing flavor to plain water. It is a palatable and cheap method of encouraging your child to get some liquid into them. If you do not want to use gelatin water, what about combining a little fruit juice or fruit cordial with water instead?

If your child has diarrhea, he or she can become dehydrated fairly quickly, so gelatin water is a nice way of making a colorful drink that your child will be willing to take some sips of. Some parents dislike the fact that gelatin is high in sugar and contains artificial colorants and they prefer not to give it to their babies.

Another way of making gelatin water is to stir half a teaspoon of gelatin into two ounces of warm water then add a pinch of baking soda. The baking soda helps with gas and stomach acids and might be useful if your baby is suffering from colic.

When You Feel Better

Once you feel better, you can use your gelatin powder for other things! Maybe a chocolate strawberry cake, gelatin mousse, gelatin poke cake or one of our other gelatin recipes can tempt you.



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