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Dessert Ideas for Kids’ Birthdays

The traditional birthday dessert might be a frosted cake but what are you going to do if your little one does not like this conventional confection? Ice cream cake is a nice alternative and you can buy ice cream cakes in most grocery stores or you can make your own. You can bake a cake and then sandwich it together with ice cream instead of frosting, serving some extra on top or on the side.

If your child does not like cake at all, then let the ice cream soften a bit and spoon it into a gelatin mold (or even a well-cleaned plastic toy for molding sand), then wrap in plastic wrap and freeze overnight. To get the mold off, dip it in hot water for a few seconds. You can use store-bought ice cream for this or make your own.

Let Them Decorate Their Own Cakes

If you can find a cake recipe that your child is happy with, letting them decorate the cake themselves might be a good idea. You can even wait until the birthday party is underway and then allow all the kids to decorate their own cakes. This might involve a fair amount of mess but they will have fun.

You can make cupcakes ahead of time and set out decorations like candy hearts, colored sprinkles, and silver balls in little dishes, as well as different colored frostings. You might prefer to make vanilla muffins or chocolate muffins, or even miniature vanilla tarts or pies if your child is not fond of cake. Cover the table with a plastic sheet before you begin, for easier cleanup afterwards.

Fabulous Fruity Desserts

Banana splits are always well received by kids, and they are easy to make too. Simply halve a banana lengthwise and put it in a bowl. Add a couple of scoops of ice cream and some syrup, as well as other treats such as candies, chocolate chips, mini-marshmallows, and whipped cream. Banana splits are best made right before serving, else the banana will go brown, and the ice cream will melt.

You can also make gelatin desserts with fruit. Simply dissolve some flavored gelatin in hot water, then stir in cold water (see the package for the exact quantities) and pour the liquid gelatin over fresh, canned, or frozen fruit. You do not have to thaw the fruit first, because it will thaw as the gelatin sets. This is a healthy option, although most kids love a scoop of vanilla ice cream with their gelatin dessert.

More Exciting Ideas

Girls often like delicate desserts such as truffles or petit fours. What about arranging some of these on a three-tier silver tray? Put small paper cups filled with white chocolate, jellied candies or hard candy hearts on the trays with white doilies underneath, then each child can choose their own treat.

Another nice idea is s’mores and you can cook these around the campfire if the weather is good. You will need graham crackers, toasted marshmallows, and chocolate. If the kids are too small to stand over the campfire, you can make a microwave s’mores recipe using mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips. Twenty seconds in the microwave should be long enough to melt the chocolate over the marshmallows and make a gooey mess that the kids will love.

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