because every dessert is a little decadent

Different Types of Dessert Recipes

Desserts range from soft and creamy to hard and crunchy, from piping hot to chilled or even frozen, from plain and simple to delicately spiced, and from traditional and classic to exotic and international, but they all have something in common. All desserts are delicious if they are made correctly.

When dessert-loving people browse the menu in a restaurant, before they have even perused the appetizers or entrees, they often cannot resist a peek at the dessert page, just to see what delights await them later! If that sounds like you, then you will know desserts are too good only to eat on the special occasions you go to a restaurant. You also deserve to eat good quality desserts, and that means that you should make your own.

Before you claim not to have the skill or the time, simple dessert recipes can be prepared by beginner cooks and some desserts can be made in less than ten minutes. So, if you have a kitchen and ten minutes to spare, you can make something yummy. There is no excuse not to try!

Most of us enjoy trying different types of dessert recipes, so you might like to try some cake recipes, some pies, mousses, gelatin desserts, cheesecakes, and others. You do not have to match the desserts to the season either, so if you fancy an ice cream dessert in the winter, go ahead and have it. Similarly, if you crave apple crisp in the middle of summer, why not indulge yourself?

Timeless Classic Favorites

Different Types of Dessert RecipesEveryone has their own favorite dessert and when you ask people what they prefer, many will name traditional desserts like apple pie or fruit cobbler. There is something really mouthwatering about these classic recipes, especially if you fancy comfort food and you serve an extra-large portion or slice, with cream, ice cream, or custard on the side.

Classic desserts like these always put a smile on your face, and this is as true for the grownups as it is for the kids. We all secretly (or not so secretly) get excited about dessert!

Unusual International Desserts

International desserts can be very nice, and sometimes it is good to try something different. Whether you want to try a European delicacy like crème caramel, tiramisu or baklava, an Asian dessert such as green tea ice cream, cassava cake or dessert dumplings, or another type of unusual international dessert, these can often be easier to make yourself than find in the grocery stores nearby.

A lot of international desserts are similar to desserts you might already know. For example, swapping the vanilla extract for green tea powder transforms a vanilla mousse into a green tea one. Adding a pinch each of chili powder and cinnamon to a chocolate cake can produce a tasty Mexican-influenced cake.

So, as you can see, there are lots of different types of dessert recipes to choose from. If you never know which dessert to choose from a menu, it might take you a while to pick out what kind of dessert to make at home, but choose something you like the look of, and something you feel is within your range of expertise. Total beginners might want to start off with a gelatin dessert or a basic cake recipe, but there is plenty to choose from.

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The girl in this picture looks happy because she is eating her favorite treat – a homemade dessert recipe. It does not matter what is in the bowl because every homemade dessert is wonderful. When you make your own sweet treats, you are in full control of the ingredients, cooking, and presentation. You can take your pick out of lots of different dessert recipes and make the most wonderful creations. A dessert can have as few as three ingredients and you can make a nice-looking, great tasting one is less than half an hour. There are simple dessert recipes for every home cook.

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