because every dessert is a little decadent

Homemade Dessert for Absolutely Everyone

There might not be one single dessert which everybody likes but if you know you are only feeding a couple of people, you can make something they both like, and if you are feeding a crowd you can make three or four different desserts, allowing everyone to select whichever they prefer.

Most people love desserts although some of us do not have such a sweet tooth as others. Not everybody loves rich, gooey, super-sweet desserts, but some people do, so you might like to serve the sweet sauce or topping on the side, allowing those who want only a little to take only a little.

Choosing Desserts for the Family

Nobody knows your family’s tastes like you do so cooking for them should be easier than cooking for friends or strangers. You should already know the likes and dislikes of your spouse and kids, which gives you a great head start when it comes to choosing recipes, and we offer plenty for you to choose from.

If one of them dislikes gelatin, you can omit gelatin from your search by not looking at that category. If you are searching for something hot which you can serve with whipped cream or ice cream, you can skip straight to that part. If you usually serve store-bought desserts, your family will immediately be able to tell the difference, even if your dessert resembles the store-bought kind. Yours will be fresher, more flavorful, and much tastier.

Making Desserts for a Crowd

Making desserts for a group of people can be trickier than feeding your own family, because you will have less of an idea about their likes and dislikes. If you are one of several people taking a dessert along to a potluck supper, then at least there will be other desserts there if some people are not fond of yours, but you can minimize the risk of that by making something classic rather than something obscure.

Almost everyone loves homemade strawberry cheesecake or a slice of apple pie but, if you choose to make something exotic and international instead, like a Japanese green tea mousse or a Scottish “clootie dumpling” then bear in mind that not everybody is going to be adventurous enough to try it. They might go for the familiar option instead.

If you are making several desserts for one party, then make most of them ahead and just one right before the event, else you will need different oven temperatures and times, have a messy kitchen, and just have too many last-minute things to do. There are plenty of make ahead dessert recipes to choose from which need to freeze for a few hours or chill overnight, so make those instead, to minimize last minute panicking.

Another good idea, if you are providing desserts for a buffet or large gathering, is to offer one non-sweet option. That might be cheese and crackers, or it could be mixed nuts or even an unsweetened fruit salad.

There is no reason why cheese and crackers cannot be a dessert. A dessert is something that finishes off the meal, not just something that is savory. After all, if we enjoy a cake in the middle of the afternoon, it is a snack rather than a dessert. Some people claim they do not like dessert but all that means is they have not discovered their perfect dessert yet!

Amazing Two-Ingredient Cakes

If you are looking for a healthy cake recipe, you might like to try this. Combine a can of diet soda with a package of cake mix (you can use any kind of soda and any type of cake mix) and divide the mixture between muffin tins. Bake at 350 degrees F for twenty minutes and you will end up with tasty little cupcakes. Each one is only about seventy calories. You could pour the mixture into a bigger tin if you want to make a big cake instead of cupcakes. Try a chocolate cake mix with cherry cola, a vanilla cake mix with 7Up® or diet cream soda, or a spice cake mix with orange or lemon soda. You can use regular soda instead of the diet kind if you prefer, although this will add more calories.

You might be surprised that you can make cakes in this way, without having to beat in eggs, fat, or flour, but if you are looking for a super-fast and easy cake recipe, this does work. Another variation is to combine a box of white, yellow or spice cake mix with a fifteen ounce can of pumpkin puree (use puree, not pumpkin pie mix). This will give you pumpkin muffins and you only need those two ingredients.

How to Convert a Cake Recipe into Cupcakes

You can convert a cupcake recipe into a big cake, or a cake recipe into cupcakes, but it is important to know that the cooking time will be different. Since a big cake is larger and denser, it usually takes about twice the cooking time of cupcakes, so if the recipe for a large cake is forty minutes and you are making cupcakes instead, then check them after fifteen minutes to see how they are doing.

If they are especially small, you can also reduce the cooking temperature by 25 degrees, else they might cook too fast on the outside. This is very useful to know if you have found a great cupcake recipe but you want to make a large cake, or if you have found a large cake recipe and you fancy making individual cupcakes instead.

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