because every dessert is a little decadent

International Dessert Articles

International Desserts from All Over the World

Some desserts can be found nearly everywhere, and these include fruit salads, cheesecake recipes, and different types of custard-based desserts and gelatin desserts. Other international desserts are popular in the countries from which they hail but relatively unknown outside, which is why we bring you dessert ideas from places as diverse as Italy, Asia, Scotland, and Switzerland, amongst others. Every country has its own idea about what constitutes a great dessert recipe, so whether you plan to make a hot or chilled dessert, something healthy or rich and filling, something creamy, gelatinous or fluffy, there are numerous international desserts for you to browse and for you to get inspiration from. If you are serving an Italian dinner, you might wish to make an authentic Italian recipe for dessert too.



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