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Different Kinds of Simple Dessert Recipes Around the World

Desserts might vary from country to country, but many of the ingredients used to make them are the same. Fruit is used in dessert recipes all over the world, as is chocolate. Vanilla is another popular flavor.

Many countries have custard or pudding type desserts, and pies are also well known. Common desserts in the West include cakes, pastries, gelatin, pies, candies, fruit, and ice cream. Some countries have savory foods which can be served with jam or honey as dessert, such as blini, which is a Russian pancake usually served at breakfast.

Simple Italian Desserts

One of the most famous Italian desserts is tiramisu, which is made with coffee, mascarpone cheese, and ladyfingers. Tiramisu is very rich and is usually served in small portions. Other well-loved Italian desserts include granita, which is made from water, sugar, and flavorings and served semi-frozen, and cassata, which is a sponge, fruit and soft cheese dessert.

Traditional French Desserts

French desserts often contain fruit, nuts, or both, and a lot of them are fried in a skillet. This includes French waffles, crepes, and French-style donuts which are called beignets. Crème caramel, which is known as flan in some other countries, is a type of custard which is very popular in France.

Unusual Asian Desserts

Fresh fruit often features in Asian dessert recipes, especially exotic fruits. You can give your own simple dessert recipes an Asian flair by swapping the suggested fruit for exotic variations like lychees, mangos, or papaya.

Chilled rice pudding flavored with mango or coconut is served in Thailand, and flavored crushed ice is popular in other Asian countries. Chinese almond cookies are also spectacular.

Amazing Indian Dessert Ideas

One of the most delicious desserts ever has to be gulaab jamun, and this Indian delicacy is made with milk solids and flour, and deep-fried. It is then flavored with a sugar syrup which might contain saffron, rosewater, or cardamom. Gulaan jamun is similar to donut holes but with sweet syrup instead of powdered sugar and it tastes amazing.

Mouthwatering Mexican Delicacies

Different Kinds of Simple Dessert Recipes Around the WorldMexican home cooks love to make all kinds of recipes, but especially desserts. You might like to try making your own Mexican milk cake, Mexican sugar cookies, or even Mexican flan. Chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla are popular additions to Mexican desserts and feature in many recipes.

Best British Desserts

Although desserts in Britain are usually known as “puddings” or “afters” rather than desserts, they are just as tasty as other dessert recipes. Spotted dick, which is sometimes known as Spotted dog, is a steamed suet pudding with dried fruit. It is often served with butter and brown sugar, or with custard. Another famous dessert from Britain is trifle and this is a combination of sponge cake, custard, whipped cream, and fruit or jam. The sponge cake might or might not be soaked in alcohol first.

Apple crumble, which is also known as apple crisp, is a crumble-topped hot apple mixture, served with custard, thick cream or ice cream, and similar variations include rhubarb crumble and blackberry crumble.

Although many home cooks like to make classic dessert recipes, it can also be fun to make some international ones, just to compare them with the traditional desserts you are more familiar with. International dessert recipes can be just as easy to make as the ones you are already familiar with, and the ingredients are often easy to source too.

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