because every dessert is a little decadent

Homemade Simple Dessert Recipes for Everyone

Everyone has their own ideas about the best dessert recipes, but the key to choosing the best one to make is picking something which you feel confident about making. There is no point in making something you are not comfortable with and some easy dessert recipes are more delicious than complicated ones, so make something easy if you are new to this type of cooking.

A lot of people like comfort food type desserts, like apple crisp with thick cream, or homemade cheesecake, or pie recipes, and others like smooth, chilled desserts like flan, mousse, or ice cream sundaes. It can be nice to match your desserts to the season too, enjoying ice cream recipes in the warmer months and hot, hearty desserts in the cooler ones.

Finding the Perfect Dessert Recipe

Even people who do not have a sweet tooth can find dessert recipes they like. If you do not like very sweet tastes, then you can leave some of the sugar out of some dessert recipes, swap some of the sugar content for nutmeg, cinnamon, or other spices, or serve the dessert with unsweetened cream instead of the sweetened kind. With crunchy desserts, soft ones, hot ones, cold ones, spiced ones, and more to choose from, there really is something for everybody in the world of desserts.

You might like to browse our dessert categories until you find something which catches your eye, or you might already have some idea of what you want to make. Maybe you have some fresh fruit to use up, or a craving for chocolate, in which case there are plenty of desserts you can incorporate these ingredients into. You can have great fun making your own simple dessert recipes, and also eating them and watching the family enjoy them.

A Few Simple Dessert Recipes Facts

Before the sugar industry was developed in the 1800s, sweetened foods used to be out of reach for everyone except the wealthy. The sugar industry was mechanized and the sugar dropped in price.

Some cultures eat desserts alongside the other dishes in the meal, instead of reserving it for the end. Some other cultures only serve desserts for special occasions. If you look back at the history of dessert, many cultures liked to eat fruit and nuts at the end of a meal, and through time this turned into the desserts we know and love today.

Our Favorite Desserts

A survey conducted in 1951 of the US armed services discovered that their favorite dessert was banana cream pie and the least liked was rice pudding. Apple pie has been chosen as the favorite dessert in the United States in numerous surveys, and this dish has also been a favorite in England for centuries.

Chocolate is a very popular dessert ingredient and it has a very long history. Hernando Cortez found the Aztecs using cocoa beans to make “chocolatl,” a royal drink, during his conquest of Mexico. Emperor Montezuma served this concoction to his Spanish guests in golden goblets in 1519, and he was reputed to drink over fifty cups of “chocolatl” every day.

The World’s Most Expensive Dessert

The most expensive dessert in the world is available in Sri Lanka and will set you back $14,500. This fruit-infused confection comes with a huge gemstone and a chocolate sculpture of a fisherman clinging to a stilt, which is a traditional image in Sri Lanka.

The gold-leaf cassata is flavored with Irish cream and served with a pomegranate and mango compote, and a champagne sabayon enlighten. Apparently nobody has ever ordered this dessert, although lots of people have phoned the resort to ask about it. It might be rich-flavored but you would need to be very rich yourself to afford it.

Some Famous Dessert Recipes

Did you know that a crisp is a deep-dish fruit dessert which is baked with a streusel or crumb topping? Known as a crumble in the UK, crisp recipes are often served with custard, thick cream, or ice cream. A Massachusetts specialty is the Marlborough Pie. This is an applesauce custard pie featuring sherry and nutmeg. This pie is often served in Massachusetts at thanksgiving.

Cherries Jubilee was created by August Escoffier in honor of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. This dessert features cherries flamed tableside with cherry brandy and sugar. This mixture is spooned over vanilla ice cream. This is a light and delicious dessert and the cherries and vanilla are terrific together.

A Betty is a baked dessert made with layers of sweetened, spiced fruit, and buttered breadcrumbs or cookie crumbs. Apple Brown Betty is made with sliced apples and brown sugar, although some Betty recipes contain other types of fruit. The top layer of crumbs browns as the dessert bakes.

Another fun, fruity dessert is Buckle and this is a cake-like dessert with berries. Sometimes the berry cake mixture buckles under the weight of the crumb topping, which is how it got its name.

A Cobbler is a biscuit topping over fruit. The topping can be dropped on to the fruit to give a cobblestone effect, or smoothed over in a single layer. Dessert dumplings are also delicious and these are made by enclosing fruit with a flaky pastry.

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