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Why Homemade Simple Dessert Recipes are Wonderfully Unique

There are few things as unique as simple dessert recipes which you have made yourself and making your own desserts is always met with approval, since a dessert made lovingly and carefully is always going to beat anything store-bought hands-down. A homemade dessert looks and tastes different from a bought dessert and you can also have fun making your own.

Adding Your Own Special Touches

Even if you are following a recipe to the letter, you can still give your dessert uniqueness by adding your own unique touches. You might swap one of the ingredients in the dessert, such as the vanilla extract for almond extract, or the strawberry gelatin for raspberry gelatin, or you can add a special garnish like a sprig of mint or some powdered sugar.

You do not have to make any major changes to the recipe to make it your own. What about putting a couple of berries on the plate next to the dessert to add some color, or drizzling some ice cream syrup over the ice cream, if you are serving ice cream with it?

Homemade Desserts are Always Better

If you do not want to make any changes to a dessert recipe you do not have to. After all, the simple fact that it is homemade is enough to set your desserts apart from the generic grocery store boxed ones.

Anyone can pick up a boxed dessert from the grocery store but not everyone can make simple dessert recipes themselves, so why not impress your family by making something special this evening?

How to Make Memorable Simple Dessert Recipes

Why Homemade Simple Dessert Recipes are Wonderfully UniqueIf you are going to make homemade desserts you will want to ensure they are remembered for all the right reasons, so that means you need to choose a great dessert recipe, use the best quality ingredients, garnish it tastefully, and present it nicely. Choose something you are confident about making. That means if you are a rookie in the kitchen, you should choose an easy no-cook dessert rather than something more complex.

Ingredients and Presentation

A dessert can only be as good as the ingredients you use, so for the best results choose butter over margarine, pure vanilla extract over synthetic vanilla essence, and garnish with fresh fruit rather than thawed or canned fruit.

You can cut corners sometimes, like using a readymade graham cracker crust instead of making your own, and this is handy to know if you are very busy and you want to learn some quick, easy dessert recipes. Even if you do cut corners like this, you can still make something far nicer than a boxed dessert.

Presentation depends on who is eating the dessert. If you are making something for the kids, then presentation is less important than flavor and as long as it looks edible the kids will love it. If you are catering for a dinner party, you will want to spend some time garnishing your dessert. That might be sifting some powdered sugar over it, arranging fresh berries or sprigs of mint on top, or adding ice cream, a fruit sauce or another kind of garnish to the finished dessert.

We eat with our eyes, as the saying goes, and a nice-looking dessert is going to make everyone want to grab a spoon and taste your delicious-looking dessert without delay.

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In this photo you can see how tempting and delicious the homemade pastries look. Learning a few simple dessert recipes means you can always rustle up something delicious for the family, for unexpected visitors, or for any event or occasion where you have to bring something. Homemade desserts range from cookies and cakes, to pies, cheesecakes, gelatin desserts, and much more. Desserts can be made in individual portions or in molds or dishes, and whether you are making something traditional and classic like an apple pie, or something international with tropical fruit or exotic ingredients, dessert always holds a special place in our hearts.

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