because every dessert is a little decadent

The Best Pudding Flavors

Instant pudding is available in all kinds of delicious flavors and the best flavor to choose depends what you are going to do with the pudding. If you are just going to add cold milk, whisk it, and eat it, you can choose any one of them.

How to Use Pudding in Other Recipes

If you want to use pudding to make pudding pie recipes or a cheesecake, you can match the pudding to the dessert. Chocolate instant pudding can be mixed with cream instead of milk and used to sandwich cake layers together. Add some whipped cream to pumpkin spice instant pudding and you can make a delicious pumpkin mousse recipe.

Oreo instant pudding makes a delicious cheesecake and you can make a mouthwatering mousse with white chocolate instant pudding.

The History of Christmas Pudding Recipes

There are lots of types of puddings, ranging from soft to quite hard, and sweet to savory. A pudding can be a custard, porridge, flan, dumpling, or tart, and it often contains ingredients like milk, eggs, flour, sugar, and a flavoring. One of the most famous types of pudding recipes is the Christmas pudding, and this originated in the 1300s as a porridge-type dish called frumenty.

Frumenty was made with mutton or beef, raisins, wine, cereal, breadcrumbs, spices, and prunes. This mixture was stuffed in sausage skins, enclosed in pastry, and then baked. This dish was eaten as a fasting dish before the festivities of Christmas started, and bears very little resemblance to modern Christmas puddings, apart from the fact it contained fruit and spices.

Frumenty was replaced by an egg, breadcrumb, alcohol, and dried fruit concoction known as plum pudding by the end of the 1500s. This became the Christmas dessert in the UK but it was banned in 1664 by the Puritans who found it too rich. King George I reestablished Christmas pudding in 1714. By the Victorian times, the Christmas puddings were already very similar to the ones eaten today.

Christmas Pudding Facts

According to Christmas lore, Christmas pudding recipes should be made with thirteen ingredients, to represent Jesus and his disciples. The traditional time for making this recipe is on stir-up Sunday, which is the twenty-fifth Sunday after Trinity. You should stir the mixture with a wooden spoon from east to west, and this is to honor the Three Kings. Each member of the family should take their turn at stirring, while they make a wish.

Many families have their own Christmas pudding recipes and many are handed down the families for generations. The recipe brings together what used to be costly and luxurious ingredients, especially the sweet spices, which is why traditionally it is only made once a year.

Christmas pudding is very dark, almost black, because of the black treacle, and dark sugar most recipes call for, as well as its long cooking time. Christmas pudding might contain brandy, dark beer, or citrus juice. It is often served with brandy butter, cream, rum butter, sweetened bechamel, or lemon cream, although vanilla ice cream would also work.



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