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Christmas Cookies

Quick and Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes

What Makes Christmas Cookies So Wonderfully Unique

Some cookies are universally suited to many occasions and others are reserved for a specific time of year. For example, there are lots of spooky shapes around when it comes to Halloween, and that includes cakes, cookies, and also savory treats. Valentine’s Day is when all the heart-shaped cookies are in vogue, but what about Christmas? Actually that is the biggest time of the year for cookies and as a home cook you can really shine when making Christmas cookie recipes.

Although you can use the same dough (or similar dough) for pretty much any decorated cookie recipe, the shape of your cookies and the decorations can be influenced by the season. When else can you make charming snowman-shaped cookies or cute Christmas tree-shaped ones for hanging on the tree?

Decorating and Flavoring Christmas Cookies

You can frost the trees in green or the snowman cookies in white, and you can decorate them and make them perfectly unique. What about piping some colorful frosting on to your Christmas cookie recipes or adding tiny silver balls or little candies? Continue reading

Christmas Party Appetizer Recipes

Festive Christmas Party Appetizer Recipes

If you want to make the perfect Christmas party appetizer recipes then check out our easy party appetizers recipes. There are so many traditional Christmas party appetizer recipes for your parties and festive social gathers. You can now have all the most exciting recipes for a traditional Christmas party with everything down to the egg nog.

There are so many great recipes to try for the holidays that you are going to want to make these all year long. Every occasion is a great reason to make your best appetizers. Appetizers are a palate pleasing teaser that helps hold you over until the main course. Serve up all your favorite Christmas party appetizer recipes from stove top to crockpot. Make everything from meat balls to deli sandwiches and more. Find all the best Christmas party appetizer recipes and other easy appetizer recipes when you join our recipe network. With so many recipes to choose from you will never run out of ideas.

Serve up colorful recipes, hot and cold recipes and ethnic recipes when you have a long list of Christmas party appetizer recipes to choose from. Serve modern and trendy recipes or more traditional and authentic Christmas recipes. Enjoy all the Christmas party appetizer recipes that you need in one place. Continue reading

Cutout Easy Sugar Cookie Recipes

Sugar cookies and cutout cookies go hand in hand. They are easy to make and so much fun to eat. You can use our cutout sugar cookies with cookie frosting recipe to make some for your family and friends right now. Regardless of the occasion, when you make homemade cutout sugar cookies with frosting they are sure to become family favorites. You can make them in so many different shapes when you use cookie cutters.

Making sugar cookies is easy. After you make them and then let them cool to the touch, you can begin decorating them with all sorts of colorful cookie frosting. Making cookie frosting is much easier than you might consider. You will only use a few simple ingredients to make cookie frosting or icing. After making the frosting you simply add the food coloring that you need to create the colors. You can also use cookie frosting on brownies and cupcakes.

When you are making a cookie-frosting recipe for cutout sugar cookies, you will need to include a few drops of food coloring to create the colors you will use. Remember that the more you add the darker the frosting will be, but do not add too much. You can add about 4 or more drops for dark colors and about 1 or 2 drops to achieve lighter colors. Make sure that you stir the food coloring in good for thoroughly mixing the color into the cookie frosting. Continue reading

How to Make Snowmen Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipe

If you love to make cookies, you more than likely enjoy making cookies during the holidays. With so many different holidays throughout the year, there are many opportunities to make homemade cookies. For instance, many individuals and families enjoy making holiday cutout cookie recipes. Some cookie makers even participate in holiday cookie exchanges. Cookie exchanges are a lot of fun; you should try to participate in them when you can. You can enter cookies and recipes to share with others.

It really does not matter what type of cookie you make to enter into a cookie exchange as long as you make them yourself and they taste delicious. Be sure to write out enough recipe cards for each type of cookie you bring to a cookie exchange. During the exchange, you will also receive a good amount of cookies to take home, plus the recipes for each cookie.

You can enter some of your favorite types of cookies. Alternately, you can also choose to learn how to make some cookies that you have never made before. For instance, you might like to learn how to make some of our favorite lemon sugar cookies recipe. You can make them as they are or you can decorate the cookies to suit the holiday occasion. One thing is for sure, if you do, you can impress anyone who eats them. Continue reading

How to Make Frosted Snowman Sugar Cookies Recipe

If the holidays are really special in your home, and you and your family enjoy celebrating in your very own way, you might like to include some holiday cutout cookies to the dining table or snack table. Making holiday cookies is a long time tradition in many homes, perhaps you are carrying on your family traditions when it comes to the types of cookies you make and serve. Kids can learn to make these cookies too.

Having lots of cookies available during the holidays will make everyone happy. This is true no matter what type of cookies you might be making. However, just about everyone will love some frosted cutout sugar cookies. You can make them at home by following this easy to make recipe. Teaching your children how to make them is a great idea too. When children learn to make cookies at home they soon become pretty good bakers.

When you let the kids help you while you are making homemade cookies they can help, you get all your ingredients together. When it comes to mixing up the cookie dough, it is always nice to have a helping hand. Kids love choosing the cookie cutters you will use. They also love to help mixing up the colorful cookie icing and then decorating cookies with you. You and your children can have a great time, bonding as a family when you make your own cookies. Continue reading

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