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Healthy Cookie Recipes

How to Make Applesauce Molasses Cookie Dough Recipe

Do you really enjoy making cookies for your family? Making cookies can be so much fun. Even if you are just now learning how to make your first cookie dough, you will experience the cookie maker high. Anyone who learns how to make cookies will most likely have the desire to learn how to make even more delicious and different types of cookie recipes. For instance, making spiced fruit cookies can enjoyable.

People have been making spiced cookies for a very long time. Long ago, you may have found a spiced cookie recipe that included a long list of spices to add to the cookie dough recipe. Using spices has always been popular. This is because people love to indulge their senses. Spices have a special way of stimulating the senses. They will always be one of the most popular cookie making ingredients.

Applesauce is also another popular cookie-making ingredient. It is included in many different types of cookies. Long ago sugar was not so plentiful for everyone so, cookie makers and bakers made use of molasses and produced some distinctive and unique tasting cookies. You can reproduce all these great flavors when you learn how to make applesauce molasses cookie dough recipe. Continue reading

How to Make Spiced Applesauce Cookie Dough Recipe

Are you a health conscious mom or dad who is searching for the best healthy cookie recipes that you can find to make for your children? If you are, I would like to recommend making some delicious fruit cookies. Fruit cookie recipes are healthy cookie recipes, and they are so easy to make it might surprise you. Kids love cookies and they will eat just about any type of cookie that is offered to them.

However, you want to make sure that they are wholesome and healthy. The good news is, you are in luck, since we like to make fruit flavored cookies too. Our kids love them so much they beg to help us make them at home. Think about teaching your kids how to make cookies too. If you do, the whole family will enjoy them.

One of our family favorite types of cookies is a recipe for some spiced applesauce cookie dough. These are easy to make and only call for just a few common ingredients. You may already have some of them in your cupboard right now. If you do, you can make these cookies and have them ready to surprise your family as soon as they walk in the door. Continue reading

Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Chocolate chip cookie recipes are some of the most popular types of cookies you can make. Many people love to eat them and many others enjoy making them fresh from the oven to serve to family and friends. Chocolate cookie recipes are all over the world. They have been a favorite type of snack food for many generations of children. Some grandmothers and mother are famous locally because of the chocolate chip cookies they can make.

One of the reasons for this is that although many cookie makers love to make cookie dough recipes, they also love to experiment with the recipes that they choose to use. Some of them enjoy adapting cookie recipes. They might not want to use some type of ingredient so they simply substitute the ingredients that they want to include and take out the ingredients they do not want to include in their cookie recipe.

This whole-wheat walnut chocolate chip cookie recipe is more than likely a recipe that is adaptable in some way or another. You can adapt it if you like. For instance, if you do not like walnuts, you can always choose to leave them out completely. On the other hand, you can always substitute pecans for the walnuts in any cookie recipe. The most important thing to remember when you are a cookie maker is to enjoy what you do. Continue reading

How Much Protein Powder to Add to Cookie Recipes

Everyone who uses protein powder to make cookies will have his or her own opinion about what type to use, what flavor they prefer, and how much protein powder to add to cookie recipes. However, it is a wise idea to always choose to use high grade protein powders, since they provide you with the safest and highest amount of nutrition per serving. However, to answer the question you will need to adjust your cookie recipes to substitute 1/3 cup to ½ cup of any flavor quality protein powder you wish to use for the amount of flour that the cookie recipes calls for while preparing it.

All Protein Powders are Different

Protein powder is available in an assortment of types of formulas. These include egg based formulas, egg milk blends, and rice based formulas, soy based, soy whey based and whey based formulas. Each is distinctively different and you will need to do a bit of research on each of these protein power formulas to determine, which is best for you to use for your purposes. Each formula has its own set of content ingredients. Each will have its own particular flavor and texture. These issues will determine how the protein powder will react while being blended and cooked, since the carbohydrate and protein contents will vary.

Whey Protein Powder

Since many manufacturers will include whey, soy or soy whey in their own cookie and baked goods recipes, you might take the hint from them and choose to use whey protein powder, soy protein powder or a soy whey protein power. They seem to be easier to blend in cookie recipes when you want a high protein cookie. Consider using oat flour and or gluten flour while using these different types’ protein powders to make your homemade cookies. These flours mix well with these protein powders and taste great together. Continue reading

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Recipe An Old Fashioned Comfort Food

This is one of those oatmeal raisin cookies recipes that will take you back to the good old days with its wonderful blending of flavors and aromas. Do you remember all the great scents that would always find you when grandmother or mother was baking up a batch of fresh homemade cookies? Do you long for all those wonderful sensations and want to share them with your kids too?

You can learn how to make the same kind of cookies that your grandmothers use to make if you like. For instance, this is an easy enough recipe that will produce some overwhelming feelings that are associated with many old fashioned comfort foods such as oatmeal raisin cookies.

You can make these cookies just as they are here or you can adapt the recipe to suit yourself. For instance, you might want to substitute the use of chocolate covered raisins, chocolate chips, or even chopped dates for the raisins in this recipe. Try making some with chopped walnuts and then try making some with chopped pecan and see if you can tell the difference in taste. Continue reading

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