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Crockpot Dessert Recipes

Creamy Passion Fruit Cheesecake

This wonderful cheesecake recipe is so simple to make and slow-cooking it guarantees it is going to come out perfectly, really moist, juicy and delicate. Passion fruit is nice-looking enough to make an attractive glaze, and tasty enough to top the cheesecake so that everyone wants a slice.

The cheesecake takes a few hours to cook and then you need to leave it in the crockpot to cool down a bit. Removing it too soon could lead to cracks in the top. After that, you should chill it fully and then glaze it. The glaze also needs to chill before you remove the spring-form tin. Follow this advice and your crockpot passion fruit cheesecake should come out just right. You might need to gently loosen the glaze from the tin edge using the tip of a knife, to get it out tidily.

The chopped pecans make the crust extra special and the passion fruit topping is really nice. The glaze contains gelatin so it does firm up enough to cling to the cheesecake, although it will be quite runny when you first make it. This cheesecake makes eight small portions or four big ones, and it is wonderful served with a cup of coffee. Continue reading

Perfect Crockpot Apple Crisp Recipe

This apple crisp recipe works perfectly in the crockpot. Because crockpot lids are tight-fitting, the moisture and juice cannot escape, so you will end up with a super-juicy, moist apple crisp recipe. Known, as apple crumble in the UK, apple crisp is wonderful comfort food, especially when served piping hot. It is made in two layers; first you have a layer of apple slices and then on top is the sugar, flour, butter, and spice mixture which is the “crisp” part.

Cooking apples are bigger than regular apples so if you can only get regular ones that is fine but use eight not six. Cooking apples are no good raw but they are nice cooked because they are not too sweet. They are perfect here because the topping is sweet, so the apples contrast, but sweeter apples are also nice. If you still want a non-sweet contrast, then serve unsweetened cream with the finished dessert.

You can top this apple crisp however you like. Whipped cream or vanilla ice cream are traditional accompaniments for apple crisp, and you could also add some maraschino cherries. So if you have some cooking apples to use up, why not make this flavorful apple crisp? Continue reading

Orange Cream Cheesecake with Vanilla

Cooking a cheesecake in the crockpot might not be something you have thought about before, but it is actually a really easy way to make cheesecakes. When you make one in the oven, the dry heat of the oven can sometimes lead to a cracked top or other cheesecake problems, but since no moisture can escape from a crockpot you will not have that problem. The cheesecake needs to be raised from the crockpot base, else the crust will cook too fast, but you can use a rack for that, or simply roll some aluminum foil into balls and use those. The gentle heat will cook your cheesecake perfectly.

This recipe features a cookie crumb base and you can use any kind of cookies you like – even chocolate or nut ones. You could use graham crackers if you prefer. The filling is made with cream cheese, as well as orange juice and zest, vanilla and eggs, for a light, sweet, and wonderful flavor and a great texture.

You can serve the cheesecake as it is or decorate it with some fresh orange slices and mint sprigs for a more elegant look. This cheesecake is great for any occasion from a family meal to a dinner party and your dinner guests will be amazed when you tell them you cooked it in a crockpot. Not many home cooks are familiar with crockpot cheesecake recipes. Continue reading

Juicy Poached Pears Dessert Recipe

This festive treat is so simple to make and these bright red pears will certainly be a talking point at your next dinner party. Poached pears are versatile and they can be a dessert or a side dish. When making them as a dessert you can serve them with whipped cream or ice cream. If you want to make these as a side dish, leave out half the sugar and add a pinch of chili powder to the recipe. They are great served with pork or game. If you have leftovers, serve them the next day with your granola and yogurt for a nutritious breakfast.

The following recipe combines ginger, red wine, cinnamon, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice for an exciting finish. The balsamic vinegar does not taste sour and in fact it enhances the sweetness of the dish. Choose Bosc pears or Seckel pears if you can get them. Bosc pears are like Conference pears. Winter Nellis is another good option. Bartlett and Comice are not wise choices because these will fall apart in the crockpot.

You can adapt the poaching liquid if you want. Vanilla is nice in there. You can switch the sugar for honey if you like. Just do not go overboard with the additions because too much complexity is not a good thing. Add a handful of cranberries, raisins, sultanas or another kind of dried fruit to the mixture when you add the pears, if you want to. They will plump up well in the liquid. Ensure there is enough cooking liquid too. You do not want your red poached pears to have non-red spots on them! It would spoil the whole effect. Continue reading

Blackberry Cobbler Easy As Can Be

This mouthwatering dessert can be made with fresh blackberries or thawed ones. It is best to use fresh blackberries for the garnish but if you don’t have any you can either leave the garnish off or use another kind of fresh berry, like raspberries or strawberries to finish the dish off. This recipe is made in two stages. First the blackberries are combined with lemon juice and sugar and cooked until they are hot and very soft. Then a Bisquick mixture is added and this forms the crumbly topping. The blackberry cobbler is served upside down, so the Bisquick topping goes into the serving glasses first and then the hot blackberry mixture goes on top. Finished off with a scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream (or whipped cream if that is what you prefer) this makes an outstanding dessert which is sure to impress.

When blackberries are in season you might find that you have a lot to use up and this blackberry cobbler is certainly a great way of transforming them into something extra special. If you like, you can use half blackberries and half raspberries or you can even introduce some peeled, cubed apple in place of some of the berries. Either way, this dessert is sure to come out delicious. Use thawed ones if you prefer but make sure you drain the excess water off.

Slow cooking takes the guesswork out of many recipes. For example, if you go over the suggested time by half an hour, that will not make much difference with a lot of crockpot recipes. If you forget about the blackberry cobbler in the oven though, you will be left with a black, tar-like mess! This is why a lot of beginner cooks who are looking for easy dessert recipes enjoy experimenting with the crockpot. It is very difficult to get the recipe wrong. Continue reading

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