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Tangy Lime Cupcakes with Poppy Seeds

These delicious lime cupcakes are tangy and tasty, and the poppy seeds gives them a lovely crunch. The cupcakes are flavored with fresh lime zest and juice and the frosting features vanilla and lime. You can make the frosting ahead if you wish. It keeps in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 10 days. Just bring it to room temperature and beat it for a bit before using, if you do wish to make it ahead.

Cupcakes can be made in many different flavors and perhaps you have made citrus ones before, using orange or lemon. Actually if you want to, you can swap some of the lime for orange or lemon in this recipe, just to alter the taste a little. This recipe makes 12 cupcakes so you can double it if you wish. These cupcakes are so yummy it is hard to limit yourself to eating just one at a time!

Because these cupcakes are so pretty they make nice birthday cakes. If you are looking for an alternative to the standard birthday cake recipe why not make a batch of these and put a candle in each one, the number of candles corresponding to the age of the person you are baking for (well, within reason!) That is a great idea for birthdays and there is no cutting involved either, since everyone gets their own cupcake. Continue reading

Cute Green Frog Cupcake Recipe

Make Cute Green Frog Cupcake Recipe for your Princess and the Frog party or for St. Patty’s day. Threre are so many occasions that could use a Cute Green Frog Cupcake Recipe. These little hoppy friends are great for the dessert table and they add a little color and flair. If you are having a kids’ birthday party or you are in need of a St Paddy’s Day dessert, try these awesome Cute Green Frog Cupcakes.

Green Frog Cupcakes

Whimsically adorable Green Frog cupcakes make adorable birthday party treats for your child’s next party. These cupcakes are so easy to make too that even the kids will love decorating them.

Cupcakes can be made with any cake recipe and then decorated with buttercream frosting with green food color. The green food color is the "body" of the frog. By using Marshmallows, raisins, jubes in red and green colors, will make the eyes. Then use Licorice candy strips to form the nose and mouth.

These cute cupcakes can be made for Birthday parties, school parties or even after school treats. These are even great cupcakes to let children make with adult supervision of course. Simply, bake the cupcakes, set out various ingredients, and let the children get creative in decorating their own Green Frog Cupcakes. They will love decorating and creating their own whimsical green frog cupcakes. Continue reading

Three Cake Frosting Recipes from Scratch

A Homemade Vanilla Cake Frosting Recipe

This vanilla cake frosting recipe is easy to make from scratch. Store-bought mixes just do not taste the same, and once you know how to make frosting you can make all the best recipes and enjoy the superior flavor. The ingredients and steps are so simple, any newbie in the kitchen will be able to manage this recipe with ease. It is cheaper making your own, especially when you are making frosting in bulk to make a lot of cupcakes or layer cakes. If you are still not convinced, try this recipe for yourself and be the judge. We promise you are going to love it.

Vanilla Cake Frosting

Creamy, sweet vanilla cake frosting spread like a glorious white cloud on a fresh baked and cooled cake. The delicate flavor of vanilla blended into the creamy white peaks of this vanilla cake frosting.

The best part of this creamy decadent vanilla cake frosting is that the ingredients are no further than your pantry. This easy frosting can be used for cakes, turnovers, cinnamon and sugar breadsticks with vanilla frosting and so much more.

A very easy dessert idea that everyone loves is the Mock Apple Pizza. Simply take canned biscuits and pat down firmly onto a lightly oil sprayed cookie sheet. Biscuits need to be very flattened. Sprinkle cinnamon and sugar onto flattened biscuits and bake until light golden. Continue reading

Chocolate Cake Icing Recipes

Quick and Easy Chocolate Cake Icing Recipes

For some Easy Chocolate Cake Icing Recipes you only need to walk as far as your cupboard. With some simple ingredients you can make Easy Chocolate Cake Icing Recipes from scratch right at home. No need to go to the store when you can make Easy Chocolate Cake Icing Recipes all by yourself, no matter what your baking skill level.

Chocolate Cake Icing

Superbly divine chocolate cake icing is very easy to make with just a few ingredients from your pantry. Sweet, creamy and easy to spread it is perfect for your next chocolate cake.

This so easy chocolate cake icing recipe can be used to frost cupcakes too. It also makes a great chocolate cake icing for chocolate chip bundt cake. Just frost as desired. Some even like this on chocolate turnovers, apple turnovers and more.

Another idea is to use these on thrifty Mock Donuts as an after school snack. Simply heat a pan of oil, taking canned biscuits, drop each biscuit one at a time into the oil. Cook until fluffy and slightly golden and remove from oil. Drain on paper towels. Frost with chocolate cake icing. The kids love these! Continue reading

Amaretto Cupcake Recipe

What Makes Pineapple and Amaretto Cupcakes so Wonderfully Unique

Whether you are a cupcake lover or you just like desserts, amaretto pineapple cupcakes are something you should definitely try. Anyone can learn how to make them, and the end result of following a recipe for these cupcakes is wonderfully delicious. You can serve them at tea time, with or without the benefit or a main meal, or simply as a treat or snack for a dinner party or potluck. With these cupcakes you will be asked for your recipe more than once, and certainly have to repeat the dessert many times over.

Why are these cupcakes so good? The answer lies in the ingredients. With the combination of pineapple, almonds, and sweet vanilla icing there will be no one at the party who does not offer you a compliment. The cupcakes are extremely easy to make and only require a few minutes of preparation and baking to complete. The pineapple filling can be store bought for the sake of simplicity or made at home for a more unique and excellent flavor. In addition, the vanilla frosting can also be made at home or store bought depending on your preferences.

When you combine all of these, however, the results are truly out of this world. You don’t believe it? Just try it, even once, and you will be hooked. Your friends and family will give you compliments galore and even ask you for your recipe. If you want to make a great impression at your meal and delight everyone old and young alike, then give these cupcakes a try. Continue reading

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