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Gourmet Cupcake

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Amaretto Cupcake Recipe

What Makes Pineapple and Amaretto Cupcakes so Wonderfully Unique

Whether you are a cupcake lover or you just like desserts, amaretto pineapple cupcakes are something you should definitely try. Anyone can learn how to make them, and the end result of following a recipe for these cupcakes is wonderfully delicious. You can serve them at tea time, with or without the benefit or a main meal, or simply as a treat or snack for a dinner party or potluck. With these cupcakes you will be asked for your recipe more than once, and certainly have to repeat the dessert many times over.

Why are these cupcakes so good? The answer lies in the ingredients. With the combination of pineapple, almonds, and sweet vanilla icing there will be no one at the party who does not offer you a compliment. The cupcakes are extremely easy to make and only require a few minutes of preparation and baking to complete. The pineapple filling can be store bought for the sake of simplicity or made at home for a more unique and excellent flavor. In addition, the vanilla frosting can also be made at home or store bought depending on your preferences.

When you combine all of these, however, the results are truly out of this world. You don’t believe it? Just try it, even once, and you will be hooked. Your friends and family will give you compliments galore and even ask you for your recipe. If you want to make a great impression at your meal and delight everyone old and young alike, then give these cupcakes a try. Continue reading

Carrot Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Former Featured Recipe from Old Site for Carrot Cupcakes:

Cupcakes might not be the healthiest food in the world but they are very small so that should not be an issue. Besides, life is too short not to enjoy the occasional cupcake! Why not add some extra nutrition to your next cupcake recipe anyway, in the form of carrots? Carrot cake is one of the best-loved cakes ever and carrot cupcakes are equally delicious. The following recipe blends carrots with chocolate, brown sugar, walnuts, buttermilk and more, for a truly mouthwatering gourmet cupcake recipe.

If you do not have a food processor, you will need to use a cheese grater to grate the carrots by hand. This can be time-consuming and watch your knuckles if you are using an old-fashioned kind of grater!

This recipe is very simple and the carrots, brown sugar (use light or dark brown sugar here) and walnuts add a wholesome flavor. You could swap the brown sugar for white sugar if you want to use it. Choose low-fat buttermilk if you want to reduce the fat count a little. These cupcakes have a wonderful flavor and they are light and airy, as all cupcake recipes should be. Continue reading

Celebrate the Day with a Lemon Frosting Gourmet Cupcake

There are so many different types of cupcakes that it is really hard for a mom or dad to make everyone’s favorite flavor at the same time. One way that you can make everyone happy is to bake and save a few cupcakes each time and freeze them before frosting. Use freezer-strength plastic bags and leave the cupcakes in their liners. Wait until they have completely cooled before putting them in the airtight bags and do not crowd them.

On a special day make this recipe and while the cupcakes are baking, take out a couple of the other flavors to defrost. Then add the frosting to all the cupcakes at the same time. The biggest feature for the gourmet Lovely Lemon Frosting and Chocolaty Cupcake is the almond cookie that allows you to create such an incredible frosting swirl and the combination of flavors between the chocolate and lemon. The fluffiness of the frosting provides a tasty combination with any flavor cupcake and there are many cake recipes available to use.

The elegance of this cupcake is particularly welcome because the cookie with frosting can be lifted off the top of the cupcake by those who desire less sugar with their dessert. That gives everyone the opportunity to have a taste of the luscious lemon frosting without producing an unwelcomed sugar rush. Because it is styled to be dessert, provide silverware and beautiful napkins and serve on lovely dishes that proclaim the regal cupcake as the best. Continue reading

Champagne Ruffle Cupcakes for a Birthday Party

These delicious pink ruffle cupcakes are just right for a birthday party. If you are making cupcakes for a boy’s birthday instead of a girl’s, then simply use blue food coloring, candles and cupcake liners instead of the pink ones. Of course, you can use any color you want.

The frosting is made with champagne or sparkling white wine, but use soda water, 7Up® or Sprite® if you are making these for kids. You will still get the special flavor and finish but without the alcohol.

It is best to sprinkle the seed pearls over the cupcakes just before you serve them, as this will maximize the attractive sparkle and stop them from absorbing moisture and melting into the frosting. The ruffle frosting looks pretty but if you are not used to frosting cupcakes in this way you might want to practice on a plate first. Simply transfer the frosting back into the piping bag when you feel confident enough to try it on the cupcakes. Continue reading

Gorgeous Fancy Girly Cupcakes

Using store-bought fondant is a simple way to decorate your cupcakes, and the resulting cupcakes will look bakery-fresh. Cover the cupcake with fondant instead of frosting and add readymade sugar flowers. Use a pink or red gel paste food coloring to give your fondant the desired hue, then roll out and cup out your flowers with a cutter. Press an edible pearl into the middle of each flower for an exquisite look.

You can do that for this recipe or you can use a buttercream frosting if you have a large piping bag with a star-shaped piping tube. It is up to you which colors to opt for, but the pink is especially cute. The ribbon is optional but it does finish the cupcakes in style. Use a little glue to seal the ribbon because it goes over the outside of the paper cups, instead of touching the cake itself.

These cupcakes are flavored with cocoa powder and this gives them a brown color as well as a chocolate flavor, but you can leave the cocoa powder out if you just want the cupcakes plain, or even add a couple of drops of vanilla extract instead. If you are looking for a mini cupcakes recipe which is cute but not difficult, this one is just right. Continue reading

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