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Holiday Cupcakes

Two-Tone New Years Cupcake

As one year ends a new one begins and there is no better way to celebrate than by making a special New Year cupcake to celebrate the beginning of another year. The New Year’s cupcake is perfectly suited to be the ideal centerpiece for your New Year’s party, celebration, or work potluck. While others try to think of something clever or original to present for the event you will be relaxing because you know everyone is going to love the incredible cupcake method of toasting the New Year!

By simply adding an interesting themed cupcake to the center of the refreshment table and putting a little bit of decoration behind it, you are certain to give it the perfect ensemble that is deserved by inspiring the happy guests no matter what their age. Even though these cupcakes stand out alone on their own with their bright silver liners they are also designed to have a fun and funky topper, such as a Happy New Year banner or a fun party hat.

These cupcakes are designed to be fresh and fun as they bring in the New Year in style. A cupcake with two different types of frosting on it, chocolate and vanilla buttercream, is a definite toast to the year ahead and if one of these two flavors is not a guest favorite, make a few with all vanilla or all chocolate frosting. Substituting one for the other emphasizes the ability of the baker to be unique with cupcakes, one of the best parts about the dessert. Decorate them in any way you want and they will look and taste delicious at your New Year’s celebration. Continue reading

Easter Decorating Ideas for Cupcakes

For the smaller get together or the smaller household, a dozen cupcakes is a good number and you will enjoy the following recipe that is just enough for twelve, frosting and all. Have you tried piping frosting instead of using a table knife and fork to add swirls and decorations? An inexpensive set of the basic tools can be found at your local supermarket and once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy adding more pieces to your set and creating the lovely designs that are found at the bakery.

Everyone enjoys a special cake and cupcakes are the answer. You can even stack them together to make fancy cakes where a cupcake is removed one at a time. The best part of cupcakes is you can decorate each one identically or totally different. There is never a problem with storage, as cupcakes can be put into freezer-proof airtight plastic sealing bags and tucked into nooks and crannies of the freezer until there is a craving for a delicious treat. Just a short time of thawing out and viola, the cupcake is ready to eat!

If there is leftover frosting after you finish decorating the cupcakes, practice writing letters, making stars, flowers, and leaves and just have a great time getting to be an expert at different designs. A special cupcake is a wonderful way to say hi, I love you, congratulations, or happy day. Just like a regular cake, it can be cut and shared. Have small containers available (plastic yogurt containers are great) to divide frosting into, color each section with food coloring and celebrate your skill. Continue reading

Happy Holidays Red Velvet Cupcakes

Arrival of any holiday season starts a baking frenzy as people prepare for friends and relatives to drop by for a short visit. It is always nice to have a treat prepared to celebrate the visit of those you have not seen for a while. This is your opportunity to show off the new skills you have learned in baking and decorating. Mastering the technique of making a delicate green leaf from buttercream frosting lets you be creative.

Did you ever wonder how certain types of cake get their name? Adding an acid like buttermilk or vinegar to the red velvet cake batter causes a reaction with the cocoa powder and gives the cake a reddish tint. The quality ingredients, such as real vanilla extract, cake flour, and buttermilk add the smooth, velvety texture. Adding red food coloring will intensify the reddish cast.

Red Velvet cake mix can be as dark or red as you choose. Remember that a bit of food coloring goes a long way and adjust the amount to your specifications. Serve the special cupcakes on a tray covered with a red, green, and gold plaid cloth. Decorate between the cupcakes with gold-threaded ribbons and Christmas flowers. Continue reading

Easy Bunny Cupcake Recipes and Decorating Ideas

If you plan to do icing for your scrumptious cupcakes, it is important to use the right products to get the results you want and deserve. There is no need to buy a set that would make a professional baker jealous. You can actually create some very interesting and beautiful decorations with a small group of metal tubes and screws. Practice making designs and decorations and add to your collection as desired.

Writing numbers and names on cakes, cookies, and cupcakes is part of the fun of decorating. Writing personalizes the item. It takes a lot of practice to learn how to make the different shapes required by our alphabet. Include a fine writing tube in your collection and practice making different letters and joining them together. The family will like this idea because it means treats for them while you perfect the technique. Stars are popular designs, so get a small star tube. A large star tube gives a bursting star effect, so add that to your collection.

Three other tubes for your basic collection are a basket weave, leaf, and petal tube. With those tubes, you can decorate bunny cupcake recipes quickly. Use a waterproof bag to hold the icing while you are learning the techniques. A metal screw will fasten the bag to the end of the icing tube, creating stability while you create your designs. Continue reading

Dark Chocolate and Orange Homemade Halloween Cupcakes

Dark chocolate homemade Halloween cupcakes will be a definite treat today. Perhaps you are planning a party or maybe you are taking cupcakes to work or school. They will create a buzz with the delicious cake and scrumptious frosting. There is never a lack of decorations available for the top of frosting. Black and orange jellybeans, plastic cats and spiders, or candy tombstones are available at many stores.

The treats are not scary but it is easy to find eerie music and tapes with ghosts laughing hysterically. Pipe some traditional Halloween sounds in front of your house – mind the noise level, though. Place orange cellophane over the solar lights and get an entirely spooktacular display of lighting in honor of the season. Replace a set of Christmas bulbs with orange and white ones and decorate one of the bushes out front to get the neighborhood more in the spirit.

Adorn the walkway with jack-o-lanterns that use flashlights or small charged solar lights to shine. Small children may visit your home, so avoid making the jack-o-lanterns too scary. Solar lights will make the path inviting and safe for all who drop by while allowing you to keep the theme of Halloween. Continue reading

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