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Birthday Cake

Special Angel Food and Gelatin Birthday Cake

Birthdays are even more of a happy celebration when they involve fun cakes such as cupcake cakes, chocolate cakes or ice cream cakes. This time do something different and have fun stepping away from the norm. Create an incredible gelatin cake for the one whose special day is celebrated. Gelatin cakes are delicious when decorated with fruit and chocolate and can be decorated so elegantly that no one will realize gelatin is involved until they bite into it.

When it comes to eating cake people often think that there is not enough frosting or too much frosting and sugar involved. By using this different type of dessert, you are creating the medium ground for both the sugar lover and the fruit lover. For instance, a fun and tasty pineapple gelatin cake can be filled with miscellaneous fruits or be topped with fruits to create the impression of a pineapple. Top it with sliced apples, pineapple, or strawberries for an original look with an exciting taste and burst of flavor.

A simple way to create this look is by using a mold that is already in a creative shape. You can also use a gel piping to create the zigzag design of a pineapple. Top the cake with delicious green frosting, gel piping, or the fruits as mentioned above. However you decide to complete this new, creative way to make cheerful desserts for a birthday, it can become a new tradition in the household. Use sugar-free gelatin, if desired, using half of the amount of water called for on the package. Regardless of the flavor, this cake is a sweet and tasty birthday gift for the special day. Continue reading

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