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Fudge Recipe

Amazing Almond Bark Fudge Recipe

The following recipe is simple to follow and if you want to make a homemade fudge recipe without messy pans boiling over on the stove or the need to use candy thermometers, making fudge in the crockpot is a simple, mess-free alternative. The following recipe combines peanuts, chocolate and almond bark to make a rich, creamy, and very appetizing fudge recipe.

You might be wondering what almond bark is. You can find it in stores around Christmas time or you can make your own. Making your own is cheaper and it will have a nice homemade flavor. To make white bark, you can line a nine by thirteen inch pan with parchment paper, and then cook half a cup of chopped almonds over a moderately high heat in a skillet until they are browned. Melt two cups of white chocolate chips with a tablespoon of shortening in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, then stir in half the almonds. Spread the mixture on to the baking pan and sprinkle the rest of the almonds on top. Chill it for half an hour or until it sets, then break it into bite-sized pieces. You can use other ingredients to make other kinds of bark. What about trying caramel chocolate, peppermint, Oreos or coffee to add flavor, instead of almonds?

You can keep the fudge in an airtight container for weeks but it probably will not last that long because every time you catch a glimpse of it you will want a piece! This fudge is great served for dessert or with a coffee for a mid-afternoon treat. Continue reading

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