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Gelatin Mold Recipes

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How to Make Christmas Pudding with Cranberry Gelatin

This traditional English dessert resembles a cannonball made from dried fruits, eggs, butter, spices, and alcohol. It can be served with custard or brandy sauce, or a tasty Christmas pudding sauce using flour, but serving Christmas pudding with gelatin is something else you might like to consider, since the gelatin gives it a texture similar to poke cake and envelopes the whole pudding so it is moist and delicious for longer. Traditionally, a three pence coin or a sixpence (neither which is still in circulation in the UK) is baked in the pudding and the person who finds it is going to have a financially good coming year.

According to the history of Christmas pudding, these desserts were boiled in a pudding cloth in the 1800s and they are steamed for many hours. Modern ones might use a pressure cooker instead to shorten the cooking time. The pudding is traditionally adorned with a sprig of holly. Recipes for this dish appear from the 1600s, so it is a very old recipe.

The following recipe for Christmas pudding is based on a genuine English recipe finished off with a coating of cranberry gelatin. It comes from “The White House Cook Book” and this recipe was used to make Christmas puddings for several presidents of the United States. The presidents did not have the gelatin coating on theirs but perhaps you think it makes the dessert even more delicious! Continue reading

Romantic Gelatin Valentine’s Day Dessert

This wonderful heart shaped dessert is perfect for valentine’s day. If you gave your loved one champagne and roses for valentine’s day last year, why not use the champagne and roses to make a wonderful gelatin dessert this year instead?

This fantastic gelatin dessert recipe combines champagne, rosebuds, strawberry gelatin, and grapes in layers. It really does look amazing, especially when you serve it on a bed of fresh mint leaves. If you are a romantic at heart, this beautiful valentine’s day gelatin mold is sure to delight the one you love. A traditional valentine’s day dessert might be chocolate covered strawberries or something similar but this champagne rose gelatin heart is easy to make and looks incredible.

You can make this traditional valentines dessert in a big heart gelatin mold or in smaller, individual heart gelatin molds, depending what you have. Heart-shaped gelatin molds should not be difficult to find at the beginning of February, else you can order one online. If you are browsing dessert recipes for valentine’s day, this champagne rose gelatin heart should be at the top of your list because it is so beautiful and impressive. What a way to make a romantic statement. Continue reading

The Best Fourth of July Gelatin Recipes

If you are looking for fourth of July gelatin recipes, this blue, white and red striped gelatin dessert recipe is very good. A lot of gelatin recipes make use of different colored layers like this one does. You can either make this gelatin in a glass container with high sides or in a gelatin mold to tip out.

If you are using a gelatin mold, you need to make the blue layer first and the red layer last, rather than the other way around, because it will be upside down. This is a very tasty gelatin dessert with a fruity top and bottom layer and a creamy middle layer.

If you are going to a fourth of July party and you have been asked to bring something with you, this one is really good. A layered gelatin dessert always goes down well at parties and making a patriotic gelatin dessert is a clever idea. You will need a gelatin mold to make this striped gelatin dessert. If you do not have one, you can use highball glasses and make separate stripy desserts, but if you are doing that you will need to make the red layer first, because you will not be unmolding the gelatin and inverting it. Continue reading

Merry Christmas Gelatin Salad

You might associate Christmas cake, brandy snaps or other Christmas traditional recipes with Christmas time, rather than gelatin, but this recipe will not disappoint the family. Three flavors of gelatin are used, which also give you three festive colors. You can use strawberry gelatin, raspberry gelatin, cranberry gelatin or cherry gelatin to make the red layer.

Marshmallows, cream cheese, pineapple, and cream are also added to make this gelatin with cream cheese recipe very creamy and tasty. Each gelatin flavor is allowed to set before the next is poured on top, resulting in a striped Christmas dessert, which might become one of your favorite Christmas recipes in years to come. You can also make festive gelatin salad recipes to accompany your main meal or for appetizers.

In fact, this delicious gelatin recipe is too good to make just once a year so, if you like it, you can use any three colors of gelatin and make this dessert again. What about red, blue, and white gelatin for a patriotic gelatin recipe? Continue reading

Fruit Cake – Elegantly Pink and Fruity

A beautiful dessert platter can be the perfect addition after an amazing meal. While many might think to make a cake or some festive decorated cupcakes, a nice gelatin dessert can be a new and improved treat to serve as a dessert. The fresh fruit is a great addition to the gelatin. It is what is on top that makes this layered pink and red gelatin dessert the best to serve at your next dinner party.

Another time for this perfect treat dessert is when you are in charge of bringing something tasty and delicious to a potluck for work, church or a school event such as a dance. These yummy treats will be eaten quickly, so you might want to make two batches. The fresh fruit has a bright and fun look. Eat them separately or along with the gelatin. Make the decorations even more incredible by adding a chocolate fondant or some other chocolate design, like chocolate straws. They will add charm and an extra sweet.

When making something as spectacular as this be sure that those who might sample are not allergic to any of the fruits used for decoration. If there is a problem, simply replace the unwelcome fruit with another type of decorative fruit. It is hard to go wrong when you create a delicious gelatin dessert. A scrumptious treat designed to impress company, the boss or even your special guests, the creativity behind this dish is all yours. If you want to change the appearance the next time you make Pink N Fruity Cake, note the other colors of gelatin or types of fruit you want to try. Take advantage of this chance to be artsy and have fun with this delicious two layered gelatin dessert. Continue reading

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