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Gelatin Salad Recipes

Merry Christmas Gelatin Salad

You might associate Christmas cake, brandy snaps or other Christmas traditional recipes with Christmas time, rather than gelatin, but this recipe will not disappoint the family. Three flavors of gelatin are used, which also give you three festive colors. You can use strawberry gelatin, raspberry gelatin, cranberry gelatin or cherry gelatin to make the red layer.

Marshmallows, cream cheese, pineapple, and cream are also added to make this gelatin with cream cheese recipe very creamy and tasty. Each gelatin flavor is allowed to set before the next is poured on top, resulting in a striped Christmas dessert, which might become one of your favorite Christmas recipes in years to come. You can also make festive gelatin salad recipes to accompany your main meal or for appetizers.

In fact, this delicious gelatin recipe is too good to make just once a year so, if you like it, you can use any three colors of gelatin and make this dessert again. What about red, blue, and white gelatin for a patriotic gelatin recipe? Continue reading

The Best Gelatin Salad Recipes

Gelatin salad recipes are simple to make and often just involve mixing the gelatin with water, adding a few other ingredients and letting it set. There are many different gelatin recipes available and if you are looking for a gelatin salad recipe, which can be served either as a dessert or as an accompaniment for a turkey dinner, the following recipe is ideal. Cranberries have a tart, almost bitter flavor, which means that you can sweeten them with sweet ingredients or use them in savory recipes. The same applies to apples and there are savory apple recipes, for example pork with applesauce, and sweet ones like apple pies and apple cakes.

You can either serve the following gelatin salad recipe with whipped cream as a light, refreshing dessert after a big meal or serve it with a roast dinner instead of traditional cranberry sauce. Either way, this is definitely a gelatin recipe you will want to make again and again. Cranberries and apples are delicious and healthy, just to make this tasty gelatin recipe even more appealing. Fruit and gelatin are perfect partners but you do not always have to use sweet ingredients like strawberries, peaches, or raisins. Something tart and sharp like cheddar cheese or cranberries can sometimes turn a good gelatin salad recipe into an amazing one.

If you think about all the different ingredients you can use to make gelatin salad, such as nuts, cream cheese, raisins, chopped fruit, mayonnaise, sour cream, chocolate chips and more, you will realize that there are hundreds of different gelatin salads recipes you can create. You might fancy a cranberry gelatin salad, a sweet, creamy chocolate chip gelatin salad, a savory sour cream based gelatin salad recipe or something else. Use your imagination when you make gelatin salads. If you fancy adding some extra cream, a few nuts, or another ingredient, follow your instincts. Continue reading

Triple Layer Gelatin Fruit Salad

This delicious gelatin with fruit recipe is great looking and it tastes delicious. Combining apricot, strawberry, and lemon gelatin with peaches, strawberries and blueberries mean that this is an extra fruity gelatin fruit salad. It is great served as it is or with some whipped cream or Cool Whip on top. This is not a difficult recipe but you do have to wait for each gelatin layer to set before adding the next one. It is important to make sure every gelatin layer is set before you pour on the next one, to keep them separate.

Fresh fruit is nice to use in this recipe. You can even use fresh peaches if they are soft enough. If you are using frozen berries, you might need to add a bit less cold water to the gelatin, because frozen fruit holds a lot of water. Add it frozen though – it will speed up the gelatin setting time.

If you use sugar free gelatin to make it, this gelatin fruit salad will be very low in calories and fat. If you like making healthy gelatin recipes, this is an excellent one to choose, and you can serve it with some yogurt on top if you want to. Continue reading

Apple Pineapple Cranberry Salad

This cranberry gelatin salad recipe combines the flavors of pineapple, raspberry, cranberry, apple, and pecans to make a delicious sweet treat. This is one of the gelatin salad recipes where you are likely to already have all the required ingredients in your cupboards.

If you prefer your gelatin mold recipes fruity and light, rather than creamy, this is a great dessert because there is no cream, cream cheese or whipped toppings involved. Instead, the fruits are combined with the nuts and gelatin to give a simple, satisfying cranberry and pineapple salad dessert. This cranberry and gelatin salad is rich in nutrients and makes a healthy finish to a good meal.

You can use walnuts instead of pecans if you want to, and a different flavor of gelatin if you fancy a change from raspberry gelatin. The Granny Smith apple gives a great tart flavor, which contrasts well with the sweet ingredients like the pineapple and gelatin. Continue reading

Mandarin Orange Gelatin Salad Recipe

If mandarin orange gelatin recipes are one of your favorites, try this delicious orange gelatin salad recipe. This orange gelatin cottage cheese mandarin salad is easy to make because you simply combine the ingredients and chill it. With this orange mandarin gelatin salad, you use Cool Whip, cottage cheese, fruits, nuts, and coconut for a sweet, light, and tropical taste.

If you like easy gelatin recipes, you will really like this orange gelatin salad because it takes just a couple of minutes to put together. Sometimes the easiest gelatin recipes are the best.

You can serve this gelatin salad alone or as part of a larger salad. You might like to serve it with an ice cream scoop rather than a serving spoon, so you get evenly shaped balls. It just looks nicer that way. This is one of the best, freshest tasting gelatin salad recipes out there. Continue reading

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