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4th of July

Perfectly Patriotic July 4th Trifle Recipe

If you are looking for something which is sweet, flavorful and perfect for a July 4th party, what about this tempting July 4th trifle recipe? The fresh fruit offers a delicious tanginess and the white chocolate pudding layer replaces the traditional custard layer. The lemon gelatin gives the dessert a nice texture and a contrasting fruity flavor. The whipped cream and fresh mint leaf topping is original and finishes off this unusual trifle recipe in style. This is quite a healthy recipe because of its high fruit content.

This is quite a straightforward recipe and you just need to make the trifle in three easy layers. First, you have a layer of blueberries with lemon gelatin. You could use a different flavor of gelatin for this layer if you wanted to, such as Berry Blue, which would fortify the blueberry flavor and give the dish a stronger blue color. The next layer is white chocolate instant pudding, which is incredible easy to make and tastes excellent. The top layer is a layer of fresh raspberries. Fresh berries are in season in the summer, making this an ideal trifle recipe to make for your July 4th party.

You can make this gelatin trifle recipe ahead if you want to and that might be a tempting through, if you have to make other various recipes for your July 4th party as well. Serve individual portions with a big ladle. This gelatin trifle makes a great centerpiece if you are having a buffet for July 4th. If you would prefer to make this in individual glasses, that will not be a problem either. Just make sure you have ten matching ones. Continue reading

The Best Fourth of July Gelatin Recipes

If you are looking for fourth of July gelatin recipes, this blue, white and red striped gelatin dessert recipe is very good. A lot of gelatin recipes make use of different colored layers like this one does. You can either make this gelatin in a glass container with high sides or in a gelatin mold to tip out.

If you are using a gelatin mold, you need to make the blue layer first and the red layer last, rather than the other way around, because it will be upside down. This is a very tasty gelatin dessert with a fruity top and bottom layer and a creamy middle layer.

If you are going to a fourth of July party and you have been asked to bring something with you, this one is really good. A layered gelatin dessert always goes down well at parties and making a patriotic gelatin dessert is a clever idea. You will need a gelatin mold to make this striped gelatin dessert. If you do not have one, you can use highball glasses and make separate stripy desserts, but if you are doing that you will need to make the red layer first, because you will not be unmolding the gelatin and inverting it. Continue reading

Stars and Stripes American Flag Cake

What better way to celebrate your nationality than with a american flag cake? This gelatin dessert looks just as wonderful as it tastes and is full of creamy, fruity flavor. Plenty of gelatin recipes use fruit for flavoring or to add texture but this gelatin cake uses the fruit to make a stars and strips decoration on top.

You can use any flavor of gelatin in this gelatin recipe as long as it is red, so cherry, strawberry and raspberry are all good choices. You might have never thought of making patriotic desserts before but this patriotic gelatin recipe proves that it is very easy to do and this delicious gelatin cake will serve up to eighteen people.

Fresh strawberries and blueberries are in season in the summer, and since 4th of July is in the middle of the summer, you can use delicious fresh fruit to top this gelatin flag cake. Fresh berries are full of nutrients and they taste wonderful too. Use the freshest berries you can find and just rinse them before using them. You will need to hull the strawberries too, which means cutting the little green part out. Continue reading

Patriotic 4th July Cupcakes

If you want to make something patriotic this Independence Day, what about 4th July cupcakes? You can use a vanilla cupcake base (the following recipe uses coconut and almond flavors, to make them more unusual) and top the cupcakes with homemade frosting and some red, white and blue themed decorations.

If you can get red, white, and blue stars or other shapes, they would be good, or you can use anything else you fancy. Cupcakes are best served on the day you make them but you could make them the day before (if you are making lots, for a big 4th July party) and keep them in an airtight container overnight. If you do this, frost them the following day, to ensure freshness.

You can use both sugar sprinkles and plastic decorations, to give your 4th July cupcakes the perfect look. Just be creative. Some people like to use just one or two different things when decorating cupcake recipes but others like to add plenty of pizzazz with various colorful decorations. You can use edible decorations and non-edible ones for these 4th July cupcakes. Continue reading

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