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Birthday – Boy

Hamantaschen Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies

Different people from different cultures have their own types of family favorites when it comes to cookie recipes. For instance, making cookies to celebrate the coming of new life in springtime is something people have been doing for centuries.

This poppy hamantaschen cookie recipe is one such special type of cookie that many people immediately recognize and love to eat. You can learn how to make them today if you like to serve to your family and friends.

Other ingredients you can use to make the filling for hamantaschen cookies include 1 ½ cups of 12 ounces of homemade filling or store bought fillings such as poppy seed, prune, cherry, strawberry, apple, or apricot. Continue reading

Cute Decorated Cupcakes – Chocolate Cupcake Recipe

Baby showers and christenings are informal get-togethers used to greet a new member of the family or group. It is an opportunity for the new mom to relax and pampered with treats and gifts for little one and sometimes for her. Homemade cupcakes and frosting are exceptional ways to make the celebration special. Whether you are making toppers for the cupcakes or purchasing them, remember the cute baby scenes.

Decorate the cupcake platter with scenes of childhood, such as cutout pictures of blankies, duckies, and booties. Make a decorative formal 8 ½ x 11 inch welcome declaration. All the guests can write their wishes and sign it, with a presentation near the end of the party. Have a few easy games to play. Prizes are optional.

Name the Baby is an interesting game that everyone can play. The rules are very simple. Give every guest a piece of paper and pen or pencil. Everyone writes down his or her first name and then one first name for baby beginning with ‘B’. The papers are gathered and the names read aloud. Duplicated names are stacked together. The name with the fewest matches wins. This game provides extra choices for naming the baby. Continue reading

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