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Sugar Plum Gelatin Cookies with Royal Icing Leaves

Whether you are celebrating Christmas or you just fancy making something extra special, these Christmas sugar plum cookies are truly mouthwatering. If you leave some out as a bribe for Santa, he is sure to bring you some great gifts!

Strawberry gelatin, coconut, vanilla and more are used to flavor these delicious treats. The icing leaves are made by combining egg and powdered sugar with a little lemon juice. These are a wonderful garnish but royal icing starts to set immediately so you will have to work quickly to make the leaves before the icing sets. In fact, if you are making a lot of these, you might prefer to make the icing in batches or keep it in a sealed container until you are ready to use it. It will stay soft as long as you do not expose it to the air.

The little sugar plums gelatin cookies can be molded into any shape you fancy – squares, circles, strawberry shapes or anything else, depending on how creative you are feeling. The gelatin keeps the cookies moist as well as giving them a fruity flavor, and the coconut and vanilla make them taste simply wonderful. Continue reading

Swiss Roll Style Chocolate Cake Recipe

This tasty chocolate cake recipe is quite easy to make but there are a few tips and tricks to help you get it right. First, it is very important to beat the eggs enough because these are what makes the chocolate cake so fluffy and light. The egg yolks need to form a thick paste when you combine them with the flour. The egg whites need to be beaten in a clean bowl with a clean whisk to make them firm and stiff. Once the egg is done correctly, your chocolate cake recipe should come out fine.

The filling for this German chocolate cake recipe is made with pudding, strawberries and cinnamon, as well as whipped topping. The resulting mixture will be stiff and sticky, which is perfect for holding the cake together when you roll it up.

Roll the cake up while it is still warm because it will be more flexible and less likely to break. You can decorate the finished chocolate cake however you like. Chocolate ice cream syrup is great because it is sticky and you can stick strawberries and candies on to it. Else, marshmallow fluff and raspberries would work well or even a homemade vanilla frosting. Continue reading

How to Make Christmas Pudding with Cranberry Gelatin

This traditional English dessert resembles a cannonball made from dried fruits, eggs, butter, spices, and alcohol. It can be served with custard or brandy sauce, or a tasty Christmas pudding sauce using flour, but serving Christmas pudding with gelatin is something else you might like to consider, since the gelatin gives it a texture similar to poke cake and envelopes the whole pudding so it is moist and delicious for longer. Traditionally, a three pence coin or a sixpence (neither which is still in circulation in the UK) is baked in the pudding and the person who finds it is going to have a financially good coming year.

According to the history of Christmas pudding, these desserts were boiled in a pudding cloth in the 1800s and they are steamed for many hours. Modern ones might use a pressure cooker instead to shorten the cooking time. The pudding is traditionally adorned with a sprig of holly. Recipes for this dish appear from the 1600s, so it is a very old recipe.

The following recipe for Christmas pudding is based on a genuine English recipe finished off with a coating of cranberry gelatin. It comes from “The White House Cook Book” and this recipe was used to make Christmas puddings for several presidents of the United States. The presidents did not have the gelatin coating on theirs but perhaps you think it makes the dessert even more delicious! Continue reading

Merry Christmas Gelatin Salad

You might associate Christmas cake, brandy snaps or other Christmas traditional recipes with Christmas time, rather than gelatin, but this recipe will not disappoint the family. Three flavors of gelatin are used, which also give you three festive colors. You can use strawberry gelatin, raspberry gelatin, cranberry gelatin or cherry gelatin to make the red layer.

Marshmallows, cream cheese, pineapple, and cream are also added to make this gelatin with cream cheese recipe very creamy and tasty. Each gelatin flavor is allowed to set before the next is poured on top, resulting in a striped Christmas dessert, which might become one of your favorite Christmas recipes in years to come. You can also make festive gelatin salad recipes to accompany your main meal or for appetizers.

In fact, this delicious gelatin recipe is too good to make just once a year so, if you like it, you can use any three colors of gelatin and make this dessert again. What about red, blue, and white gelatin for a patriotic gelatin recipe? Continue reading

One of the Best Thumbprint Cookie Recipes

Some of the most charming and well loved types of cookies you can learn how to make are thumbprint cookie recipes. They are very easy to make. Many of them do not use but just a few ingredients. One of the things that make this type of cookie so unique is that you actually get to plunge your thumb into the unbaked cookie dough before baking. Another interesting factor is adding something special to the hole you just made in the cookie dough.

Perhaps you remember your mom or grandmother teaching you how to make cookies. Many people may recall their mother, grandmother and maybe even their great-grandmother making these types of cookies for them when they were little children. They are one of the most popular types of cookie snacks and treats during the holidays, especially during the Christmas holidays. However, you can make thumbprint cookies any time you like.

Children of all ages love them. Adding a little dab of sweetness, while including your favorite type of jelly, jams, or frostings really set these cookies above the curve. It is a great way to use up some of your own homemade jellies and jams. Since they are so easy to make, be sure to let the kids on learning how to make their own cookies. Continue reading

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