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Spiced Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Pie

This pie is so mouthwatering and it is perfect for the holidays. There might be more ingredients in the recipe than you would expect to see but this is well worth making because the flavor is so wonderful. The pumpkin and sweet potato combine to give you plenty of incredible flavor, while the coconut adds a subtle touch and the spices complement the sweet potato and pumpkin taste.

Make your own pastry crust if you wish but it is just as easy to use a readymade one. It is important that the pastry is chilled (fresh from the refrigerator) when you put the pie in the oven. This is so it does not get too dark during the long baking time. Depending on your oven the pie might be ready in 1¾ hours but it usually takes closer to 2 hours, so just keep an eye on it.

If you wish to make this ahead, you can make the sweet potatoes mixture up to 3 days ahead and keep it refrigerated. Keep the cooking liquid (reduced to ¼ cup as detailed in the recipe) too and then you can bring them to room temperature and continue with the recipe when you want. Another idea is to freeze the sweet potato mixture and the cooking liquid for up to 3 months, then you will be able to thaw them in the refrigerator overnight. Make 2 pies at a time if you are expecting lots of company. If you do this, use 3 whole eggs when doubling the ingredients to make the filling. Continue reading

No Bake Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This double layer cream cheese pumpkin pie is simple to make and it uses two types of instant pudding – vanilla pudding and pumpkin pudding. Pumpkin instant pudding is only available at certain times of the year. If it is unavailable when you want to make this no bake pumpkin pie, you might want to use two packages of vanilla instant pudding instead and add some canned pumpkin to the mixture.

This is the best ever pumpkin cream pie in terms of both flavor and easiness to make. The cream cheese and cream makes it creamy and luxurious and the puddings give it the perfect flavor. If you cannot find pumpkin pie spice, use a combination of cinnamon and ginger. A little nutmeg gives a nice flavor too but be careful when adding nutmeg or ginger because a little goes a long way. It is obviously easier to add more spice that to remove it when you have added too much!

This cream cheese pumpkin pie has a great consistency and it is nice served ice cold. It needs to be refrigerated for a few hours or overnight, to make sure it sets properly. If you want to make a single layered pumpkin cream cheese pie, mix the two mixtures together and spread the whole lot over the crust. This means combining the cream cheese mixture with the pumpkin pie spice pudding mixture. It is up to you which you choose but the two-tone pie looks extra tempting. Continue reading

Gingersnap Pecan Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a favorite around Halloween and at any other time of the year. This is a really good Halloween dessert. Some pudding pie recipes include pumpkin and the following recipe also includes ginger snap cookies, pecans, cream and instant pudding. A tasty pie crust holds all these delicious gelatin recipe ingredients.

The ginger snap cookies and pumpkin spice give a wonderful warming and spicy flavor to this pudding pie. If you have tried your hand at gelatin salad recipes or gelatin cake recipes, why not try out this wonderful sweet and spicy gelatin recipe next, for a special treat. The pumpkin and nuts are nutritious as well as great tasting.

It is best to freeze this pumpkin gingersnap pie overnight to make sure it sets but six hours is usually sufficient. Let it stand for ten minutes to soften before you try to cut into it. Leftover pumpkin pie keeps well in the freezer. Continue reading

How to Make Pumpkin Oatmeal Dough Recipe

Oatmeal cookies are delicious. Do you know you can make them in many different ways? There are many different adaptations of the oatmeal cookie. Some oatmeal cookie dough recipes only take a few ingredients. However, other recipes for oatmeal cookies may include many different ingredients. Some will include nuts and fruits, others may not.

Whether you make them with just a few ingredients or many you and your family and friends will enjoy there down home goodness and flavor. You can make these delicious cookies in just a short time after preparing the cookie dough recipe. They are great for snacking or for dessert. You can make them to send along with sack lunches for a quick treat.

They are wonderful additions to any bake sale table of goodies. On the other hand many people enjoy oatmeal cookies during the holidays too. Here is a quick and easy cookie dough recipe for oatmeal cookies that you can make at home today. Just follow these simple directions and you can enjoy cookies this evening. Continue reading

How to Make Drop Sugar Cookie Recipe – Large Batch

Do you and your family and friends love to eat great tasting cookies? Sugar cookies are delicious and once you make a batch of them, you will realize that you might have need of even more cookies. Everyone loves them no matter how you decorate them or even if you do not decorate them. However, decorating sugar cookies can be a lot of fun too. You can learn how to make them in hardly any time at all.

They are fun to make. In fact, you can teach the children in your home how to make these homemade cookies. They can help you in the kitchen while you are making the cookie dough recipe. Sometimes, you might use cookie cutters to make cutout sugar cookies. However, with this recipe you will make drop sugar cookies. Decorating cookies can be fun. It is easy to decorate sugar cookies as well as other types of cookies.

You can decorate them while using various colors of sugar sprinkles as well as many other types of cookie, cake decorations, or cupcake decorations. You can make them by following this easy to make cookie recipe. You will only need a few ingredients to make this large batch of delicious drop sugar cookies. Teach the kids how to make them and share the love of being a great cookie maker. Then one day he or she will surprise you with homemade cookies whether it is drop sugar cookies or cutout cookies. Continue reading

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