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New Year’s

Two-Tone New Years Cupcake

As one year ends a new one begins and there is no better way to celebrate than by making a special New Year cupcake to celebrate the beginning of another year. The New Year’s cupcake is perfectly suited to be the ideal centerpiece for your New Year’s party, celebration, or work potluck. While others try to think of something clever or original to present for the event you will be relaxing because you know everyone is going to love the incredible cupcake method of toasting the New Year!

By simply adding an interesting themed cupcake to the center of the refreshment table and putting a little bit of decoration behind it, you are certain to give it the perfect ensemble that is deserved by inspiring the happy guests no matter what their age. Even though these cupcakes stand out alone on their own with their bright silver liners they are also designed to have a fun and funky topper, such as a Happy New Year banner or a fun party hat.

These cupcakes are designed to be fresh and fun as they bring in the New Year in style. A cupcake with two different types of frosting on it, chocolate and vanilla buttercream, is a definite toast to the year ahead and if one of these two flavors is not a guest favorite, make a few with all vanilla or all chocolate frosting. Substituting one for the other emphasizes the ability of the baker to be unique with cupcakes, one of the best parts about the dessert. Decorate them in any way you want and they will look and taste delicious at your New Year’s celebration. Continue reading

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