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Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentines Day Cake Recipe

Delicious Romantic Valentines Day Cake Recipe

Give your loved one something special this Valentines Day by making them a cake yourself with this wonderful Romantic Valentines Day Cake Recipe. This Romantic Valentines Day Cake is a deliciously themed cake for the season of love. Romance and love fill the air at the most romantic holiday of the year. This is a moist and delicious Valentines Day cake recipe.

Valentine’s Day Cake

  • The romance of two people whose lives intertwine with thoughts of each other and their future, the promise, the emotions, the sweetness of love.
  • Illustrate this love with this easy Valentines Cake.
  • So easy to prepare and decorate for that special loved one in your life.
  • Sometimes the best spoken I love you is that which is not spoken, but represented in things we do or make for that significant other to let them know we care.
  • Let this easy delicious Valentine’s Day Cake speak your love without words to your loved one.

This easy Valentine’s Day Cake takes minimal preparation but is a beautiful presentation of sweet devoted love. Decorate this Valentine’s Day Cake with lovely sweet homemade white icing. Reserve a bit of icing and use red food color to make a lovely red icing. Pipe this easy icing into lovely heart shapes on top of cake and sides of cake. You can also use a fine tip on the pipe icing bag and write the words "I love you". What a lovely Valentine’s Day Cake. Continue reading

Valentine Strawberry Heart Mini Cheesecakes

If you are planning to make a romantic dinner for your loved one on valentine’s day, what better way to finish it off than to serve these cute valentine’s day cheesecake hearts? Of course you can buy romantic desserts like mini cheesecakes, valentine’s day heart shaped cheesecakes and other valentine’s day goodies from the store, but making your own is much nicer and it will show your partner how much you love him or her. Nothing demonstrates your love better than handmade valentine’s day strawberry gelatin cheesecake!

This cheesecake needs to be made either first thing in the morning or the day before for the best results, so if your partner is likely to look in the refrigerator and spoil the surprise, you had best make it on valentine’s day morning!

This valentine’s day dessert is quite easy to make and, if you are looking for valentine’s day dessert recipes, this is a great one to consider because it looks great and tastes wonderful. The chocolate is optional but it does look cool in the cheese layer and chocolate tastes great with the strawberry gelatin, so you might want to include it. Continue reading

Romantic Gelatin Valentine’s Day Dessert

This wonderful heart shaped dessert is perfect for valentine’s day. If you gave your loved one champagne and roses for valentine’s day last year, why not use the champagne and roses to make a wonderful gelatin dessert this year instead?

This fantastic gelatin dessert recipe combines champagne, rosebuds, strawberry gelatin, and grapes in layers. It really does look amazing, especially when you serve it on a bed of fresh mint leaves. If you are a romantic at heart, this beautiful valentine’s day gelatin mold is sure to delight the one you love. A traditional valentine’s day dessert might be chocolate covered strawberries or something similar but this champagne rose gelatin heart is easy to make and looks incredible.

You can make this traditional valentines dessert in a big heart gelatin mold or in smaller, individual heart gelatin molds, depending what you have. Heart-shaped gelatin molds should not be difficult to find at the beginning of February, else you can order one online. If you are browsing dessert recipes for valentine’s day, this champagne rose gelatin heart should be at the top of your list because it is so beautiful and impressive. What a way to make a romantic statement. Continue reading

Heart Shaped Birthday Cake with Strawberry Gelatin

A heart cake pan is a useful piece of equipment to have in the kitchen. You can make any cake in a heart cake pan, as well as gelatin recipes, pies and more. You might even want to buy a pair of heart shaped cake pans, so you can make layer cakes. If you are looking for heart shaped cake decorating ideas, why not make this delicious strawberry gelatin topped heart shaped birthday cake?

The cake is a white cake mix, and then you frost it with a sour cream, whipped cream and powdered sugar mixture, poke holes in it to let the strawberry gelatin sink through and decorate the top with strawberry gelatin, homemade frosting flowers and desiccated coconut. The frosting can be refrigerated for a week or frozen for up to three months. It takes a bit of practice to make roses out of frosting so you might want to buy some cake decorations instead of making them. There are lots of creative heart shaped cake decorating ideas. You might like to use silver balls, meringues, fresh fruit or chocolate chips and sprinkles on top.

This heart shaped birthday cake can be a valentine’s day cake if you like. It makes enough for six servings so if you are having a birthday party, you might like to make two. Continue reading

Romantic Red Rose Chocolate Fudge Cake

This chocolate fudge cake recipe is perfect for Valentine’s Day or for a birthday cake because the red rose looks striking against the chocolate frosting. You do not have to decorate the cake with a red rose. Some vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or powdered sugar would work too. As with most cake recipes, use your imagination for the garnish. Pretty much anything will be nice with this chocolate fudge cake recipe.

If you are not sure whether this cake is ready or not, press the cake with your finger. If it leaves an indent, it is not yet done. The chocolate chips melt, which means that the normal toothpick test (seeing if a toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the center of the cake) will not work here. If you are using a bundt pan, which is a cake pan with a hole through the center, the cake will take less time to cook.

Chocolate fudge flavor instant pudding is used to add another flavor dimension to this rich, gooey cake, although you could use chocolate pudding mix or even the devil’s food flavor if you happen to have one of those handy or if you prefer one of those. Continue reading

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