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Mousse Recipes

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Chocolate Bread Pudding with Lemon Mousse Topping

This unusual treat is two desserts in one, because the chocolate bread pudding is topped with a fluffy lemon mousse. Chocolate bread pudding is a popular dessert, which is enjoyed in Belgian and French cooking, all over Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, and the UK, as well as throughout the southern United States. It also features in Louisiana Creole cuisine. This indulgent dessert is not difficult to make at all.

It is important to let the bread pudding rest before you bake it, and this is to ensure the gooey chocolate sauce is able to penetrate through most of the bread layers. You can make the gelatin mousse while you leave it to sit or while it is baking. The light, fragrant citrus mousse sits on top of the rich, mouthwatering chocolate bread pudding and the contrast between the two is great; it is nearly like having two desserts instead of one!

Maybe you are fond of chocolate and have tried a chocolate meringue buttercream recipe or chocolate meringue frosting recipes before. If so, you are sure to enjoy this chocolate bread pudding recipe with its lemon mousse topping. Continue reading

Strawberry Whip Cream Dessert Mousse

This is a delicious gelatin dessert and if you are a fan of easy dessert recipes you will find it quick and simple to make. This strawberry whip cream gelatin dessert can be made with regular gelatin or sugar-free strawberry gelatin and the result will taste the same. You can also use sugar-free Cool Whip or unsweetened fresh whipped cream if you are really watching your weight.

You might like to garnish each dessert glass with a fresh strawberry or a dusting of chocolate powder, or even both. This gelatin dessert makes a great finish after a rich, heavy meal because it is light, fruity, and full of flavor. Everyone likes mousse and homemade mousse recipes are much nicer than commercial ones.

Although this dessert looks a bit like a beverage, it is a dessert because it is allowed to set. The gelatin helps it to set nice and soft, yet firm enough to eat with a spoon. You can make adjustments to the recipe if you want, trying a different flavor of gelatin, or using raspberries instead of the strawberries. As long as you stick with fruity gelatin mixes and similar fruits the recipe will turn out great. Continue reading

Authentic Asian Recipe for Mango Mousse

This recipe for mango mousse is easy to follow and is based on an authentic Asian mango mousse recipe. Mangos are sweet and mouthwatering and you can combine them with water to make sorbet or cream to make mousse. Mangos are available all year, since they are imported, and they are naturally very sweet and juicy. You might not want to add much sugar to this mango mousse recipe, or any at all.

Gelatin is easier to use than JELL-O ®, for this mango mousse, because gelatin is unflavored and JELL-O ® does not come in a mango flavor. The chocolate candies, whipped cream and drizzled melted chocolate are nice garnishes but you can leave the mousse plain if you prefer. The drizzled chocolate should set as soon as it comes into contact with the chilled mousse. Use chocolate ice cream syrup if you have it. Hold it high above the mousse and drizzle zigzags over it. If you like your mousse ice cold, freeze it for half an hour before serving.

This easy recipe for mango mousse is wonderful on a hot day or after a heavy meal. It is also very special after an Asian dinner. Whether you are cooking for the family or entertaining guests, this refreshing mango mousse is always welcome. Use soft, ripe mangos because they are easier to puree and have a sweeter flavor. Continue reading

Vegan Mango Mousse Recipe with Pistachios

A vegan does not eat any animal products, so that rules out eggs, milk, cream, and gelatin. Gelatin, which jello is made from, comes from animal collagen, so that is another no-no for strict vegans. It is possible to make delicious jello recipes using agar agar powder, which is a gelling agent frequently used in Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Agar agar desserts taste very similar to jello recipes and gelatin recipes. If you like jello recipes, you will like agar agar recipes too.

Agar agar is made from seaweed. Silken tofu is a great replacement for dairy products like milk or cream, and it is combined with mangos, cardamom, and citrus in the following vegan mango mousse recipe. The lime stops it from being too sweet and the orange adds a contrasting fruit flavor. This recipe is suitable for everyone, no matter whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or a diehard carnivore. Just because a recipe is suitable for vegans does not mean that other people cannot enjoy it too and this mango mousse is certainly enjoyable.

Silken tofu is excellent for making dessert recipes. It is made from bean curd and it has a very soft flavor. This is a very Asian style type of mousse recipe and you will find it light, refreshing, fruity, and very flavorful. Mangos are naturally very sweet so you might want to use less sugar than the recipe calls for. The saffron and cardamom give this mango mousse a very eastern flavor and these spices go very well with the sweet fruitiness. Continue reading

Easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe with Grand Marnier

This sumptuous yet simple recipe for chocolate mousse is made with pudding. Milk, eggs, sugar, and a dash of orange flavored liqueur transform the chocolate pudding into a light, airy, and delicious chocolate mousse.

Chocolate lovers everywhere will find this recipe absolutely delicious and the raspberry and orange liqueur adds a fruity touch to this otherwise rich dessert. You might like to try this mousse recipe with another flavor of pudding, like butterscotch, banana, or vanilla. You might want to leave out the Grand Marnier with some of those, or use something else in its place. Feel free to tinker with the topping too. Whipped cream and a raspberry is a nice, simple topping but perhaps you want to use crumbled cookies, a different fruit, or just cream on top of the mousse. Cream is a popular mousse topping for all mousse flavors.

This is a very easy recipe for chocolate mousse, so if you are quite new to making jello recipes and other desserts, this is a nice one to start off with. This chocolate mousse is suitable for any occasion. It is a sweet and romantic dessert for valentine’s day or for a special birthday. It is also elegant enough to serve at a dinner party or garden party. Continue reading

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