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A Simple Recipe for Egg Tarts

What Makes Egg Tarts So Wonderfully Unique?

For sure, egg tarts have a really unique flavor. If you like egg custard then you will love egg tarts, where the egg custard is cooked in delicious crumbly pastry cases. You can serve egg tarts hot from the oven, warm or cold, and they make a wonderful snack or dessert. A simple recipe for egg tarts enables you to make these wonderful little snacks, and you will want to make them again and again.

The History of Egg Tarts

Custard tarts were introduced in Hong Kong in the 1940s and then they began to appear in western cafes and bakeries. Mini egg tarts were popular during the 1950s and 1960s and they are now a common dim sum dish in Chinese restaurants. The ones served in restaurants are richer than the ones sold in bakeries.

It is thought that egg tarts might have started out as English custard tarts, since Hong Kong used to be a British colony and adopted some British foods. Other people believe they evolved from Portuguese egg tart pastries, or “pasteles de nata” as they are also known, which are very similar. Continue reading

Traditional French Plum Tart Recipe

This plum tart recipe features Kirsch, which is used in a lot of French fruit tart recipes. Kirsch also features in some Swiss fondue recipes, cocktails and various dessert recipes. Unlike cherry liqueur or cherry brandy, Kirsch (or kirschwasser as it is also known) is not sweet. It has a slight bitter almond flavor, as well as a subtle cherry taste. If you do not want to use Kirsch in this plum tart recipe, you can simply leave it out. You can use a good quality store-bought pastry for the crust or you could make your own if you prefer.

Choose your favorite plums for this plum tart recipe. Plums are native to America, Asia, and Europe. Most plums in the United States are the red or yellow Japanese varieties. European plums are purple or blue. Quetsche are big, oval plums with yellow flesh and dark purple skin. Mirabelle plums are small, orange, or yellow, and have orange-yellow flesh, and Reine Claude are round, firm, sweet and green. You can use any of these varieties. The plums you choose should be ripe but not too squishy or soft.

This open-faced plum tart is very simple to make. First of all you need to make the plum filling and then you need to bake it. Make this plum tart in advance because it is best served cold and you need to give it enough chilling time. If you fancy doing something a bit different, you can try making this with peaches, nectarines or a combination of these with plums. Continue reading

Warm Almond Pastries with Creamy Ricotta

The almond biscotti used in the following filo dessert recipe gives a nice nutty taste to the desserts and the creamy ricotta and honey are a match made in heaven. This is not a typically Greek dessert since ricotta and biscotti are Italian in origin, but the cheese and honey combination, along with the nuts, does give it a Greek feel.

Use any kind of canned fruit you like to make these delicious pastries. Also, if you want to make one large strudel instead of several individual pastries, you can do that instead. Ensure the fruit is drained well on paper towels before using it, else the pastries will go soggy.

If you want to serve a delicious warm dessert, this almond pastries recipe is a real winner. One pastry should be enough for each person if you have served a large entree, else give each person two. After tasting these, you will realize why one might not be enough! Continue reading

Traditional Rhubarb Sticky Buns Recipe

These wonderful rhubarb sticky buns are served warm from the oven. You could serve them cooled if you prefer but being warm makes them smell extra-good and taste even better. This recipe is made in two parts. First you have a juicy rhubarb mixture and then you have a fluffy batter which turns into the bun when you cook them.

These rhubarb sticky buns are turned out on to a plate after being in the muffin cups, which means the rhubarb layer ends up on top. You can use frozen rhubarb if fresh rhubarb is unavailable. Just thaw it overnight in the refrigerator.

Rhubarb buns are lovely served with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, as a pick-me-up when you fancy something nice. These are sweet and moist, and once you taste them you will wonder why you never used rhubarb in this way before, because it adds plenty of moisture and flavor to the buns, without making them overly sweet. Rhubarb is not naturally sweet so you can use it in both sweet recipes (with added sugar or sweetener) or savory ones, as you wish. Continue reading

Sweet Rhubarb Tartlets with a Meringue Topping

This wonderful recipe combines almond pastry tart cases with a juicy rhubarb filling and a mouthwatering meringue topping. The stewed rhubarb will keep in an airtight container for up to five days in the refrigerator so you could make it in advance or make extra.

Alternatively forget the stewed rhubarb altogether and add a spoonful of rhubarb jam to each pastry case instead. That would be a good solution if rhubarb is out of season anyway. You can use canned rhubarb if fresh rhubarb does happen to be out of season. Some canned rhubarbs are more watery than others are so you might need to drain some of the liquid away. You do not want it to seep through the pastry crusts and make them soggy.

There are lots of different rhubarb recipes to choose from and, even though technically rhubarb is a vegetable, it acts like a fruit and you can make really good desserts with it, such as this rhubarb tart recipe. Continue reading

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