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Cherry Pie

Sweet Washington Cherry Pie Recipe

Amazing Sweet Washington Cherry Pie Recipe

Are you looking for an amazing pie recipe that will just blow everyone away at the office party or bake sale? Look no further! Try my delicious Sweet Washington Cherry Pie Recipe today and you will be pleasantly delighted. Check out my easy to follow recipe video that I have posted below for tips on how to make the perfect Cherry Pie for your friends and family!

Cherry Pie Recipe

As popular as Canada Day is to Canadians and Independence Day is to North Americans the Cherry Pie is renowned for its American association. George Washington is often associated with cherries in reference to his cherry tree. In fact, his wife might have even made cherry pies for her family.

Regardless of where the cherry pie originated from or who was the first baker to make it stands to reason that Cherry Pie Recipes date back to Independence day and perhaps even sooner. Continue reading

Cherry Almond Cream Pie

This delicious cherry almond cream pie contains cherries, gelatin, vanilla ice cream, almonds and more. This creamy, fruity dessert is easy to make and, if you like creamy dessert recipes, you will love it.

Recipes like this cherry almond cream pie recipe are made much simpler by using gelatin. Gelatin is a great ingredient for holding a pie filling together and without the gelatin, the filling in this pie would be very messy and runny. If you are not keen on cherries, you can use strawberries instead and strawberry gelatin. Cherries are great with almonds though and those two ingredients are paired in many recipes from cherry and almond cakes to cherry and almond Danish pastry recipes.

Cherries are a fruit and therefore nutritious. If you are interested in making healthy pie recipes, substitute sugar free cherry gelatin for the cherry gelatin and that cuts out plenty of calories without any difference in the flavor of the finished pie. You can use low fat ice cream too, if you want, and leave out the powdered sugar. However, it is usually better to make the recipe the way it is and just cut your slice slightly smaller! Continue reading

Easy Cherry Pie Recipe

This delicious cherry pie is made with cherries and cherry gelatin. Black cherry gelatin is not manufactured any more but you might still have some in your cupboard, in which case you can make a black cherry pie instead. The cherry pie filling is a mixture of cherry gelatin and fresh cherries. A little sugar is added to keep the cherries sweet and a touch of lemon juice adds a contrasting sharpness, which you cannot taste in the finished cherry pie filling but it does balance the flavor nicely.

The crust for this cherry pie recipe is made with vanilla wafer cookies and you make two crusts if you like. Wrap one in plastic wrap and it will keep in the freezer for a month. You could use a readymade pie crust if you wanted to, but this vanilla pie crust is so simple to make and it tastes really good with the cherry pie filling.

Cherry pie is a classic pie and using cherry gelatin adds to the color, flavor, and the texture of this delicious sweet cherry pie. A gelatin pie is easy to make and you can combine most fruits with your favorite gelatin flavors for a similar result. You can use any kind of crust you like and serve gelatin pie with ice cream or cream. Continue reading

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