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Easy Carrot Pudding Recipe

Recipe for Easy Carrot Pudding

Now you can have this easy Carrot Pudding recipe for all your dinner parties. A Carrot Pudding is just what you need to serve something unique and different. Loaded with vitamin A these are this is the best Carrot Pudding recipe for any occasion. So many people love to make a Carrot Pudding recipe. Now you have one of your very own for any time you need it. Serve this popular dish at all your parties, potlucks and picnics. Friends and family will enjoy this carrot pudding recipe.

Easy Carrot Pudding Recipe

This easy Carrot pudding recipe is certainly not what one might expect. However, trust me, it is to die for. Delicious creamy and very light. Served with fresh ruby red strawberries and pineapple with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. It is the perfect dessert to serve for company on a lovely summer day.

Make this unforgettable easy carrot pudding recipe and serve it after a family meal to watch the pleasure your family feels. They will be amazed that carrots could taste so good. Even children who hate carrots will devour this easy carrot pudding recipe. Continue reading

Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Recipe

A strawberry cheesecake pudding recipe is just what you need to make when you need a quick, simple and delicious dessert to serve. This is an easy recipe you can throw together for any occasion. An easy recipe for strawberry cheesecake pudding recipe that you will love to make over and over and over again. Strawberry cheesecake is a great dessert; imagine if it was a pudding too; now it can be.

Strawberry Cheesecake Pudding Recipe

When you need a quick and simple but delightfully creamy dessert this is the perfect answer. Strawberry Cheesecake pudding recipe is perfect for any occasion. Everyone will love the luscious red strawberries and the creamy pudding.

Serve this beautiful dessert in a stemmed clear glass bowl topped with fresh whipped cream. Slice a few juicy red strawberries on top for a simply glamorous presentation.

This dessert is perfect following a summer meal. Just right for those hot humid days when you want something light, refreshing, and sweet.

If you would rather you can prepare individual custard cups of this Strawberry Cheesecake pudding recipe chill and serve guests individually. Continue reading

Dirt Dessert Recipe

Make this dirt dessert recipe for Halloween or just for fun. This is a great oreo pudding dessert that is completely unique. You will love this dirt dessert recipe despite its repulsive name. This is a sweet and different recipe that everyone will gobble up quickly.

This dirt dessert recipe compliments any main course and your friends and family will ask for it over and over again. A dirt dessert recipe is the best kind of dessert, it’s a cookie, pudding dessert! This is the perfect Halloween dessert because you can stuff it with gummy worms or mini tombstones with zombies and have a really creative time with this dirt dessert recipe. Continue reading

Vanilla Pudding Cookie Salad

A gelatin salad recipe is a mixture of different ingredients, each of which adds another flavor, texture, and appearance to the salad as a whole. In the following vanilla pudding cookie salad recipe, brownies are combined with vanilla pudding, Cool Whip and a chopped candy bar to make a creamy, vanilla, and chocolate confection, which is guaranteed to please everyone in the family. Gelatin salads are usually very quick to make, unlike layered gelatin recipes, for example, where you have to wait for every layer to set before pouring in the next. This is because you are using instant pudding, which is ready in a couple of minutes. The brownies take some time to prepare and bake, of course, but you can use readymade brownies or make them in advance if you can trust yourself not to eat them before you put this vanilla pudding cookie salad together!

The vanilla pudding is made up with sweetened condensed milk to make it extra thick and creamy. You can use any kind of candy bar you like to make this recipe. Be creative when making gelatin salad recipes. Maybe you fancy throwing some nuts, chocolate chips, or mini marshmallows into the mixture and that is fine. The following recipe just gives you a starting point but you can make this gelatin salad your own.

What about using chocolate pudding instead of vanilla pudding and maybe adding some cream cheese as well as the Cool Whip? A cream cheese and chocolate pudding recipe would also be great. You can also switch the brownies for cake, using your favorite cake mix, or add some raisins or ice cream syrup. Be imaginative with this recipe. The results are sure to be spectacular. Continue reading

Cherry, Banana and Angel Food Pudding Recipe

Cherry gelatin is great with this recipe and so is black cherry gelatin. Black cherry gelatin can be tricky to find so cherry gelatin is just as good if that is all that is available. A lot of pudding recipes combine gelatin, pudding and other ingredients and this one is fun to make because it is made in layers.

First, you have a layer of gelatin, then cake and bananas, and then whipped cream and chopped nuts. This is one of the nicest pudding recipes because there are lots of different flavors and textures in this gelatin recipe, each one going well with the others. Do not slice the bananas until you are ready to use them, else they will go brown. They will taste the same but not look very appetizing.

This is quite a simple angel food gelatin recipe to make but the flavors are ice together. Imagine cherry gelatin, vanilla pudding, bananas, nuts, cream and angel food cake, all together. This heavenly vanilla pudding and fruit recipe is suitable for any occasion and it appeals to all age groups. If you fancy using other fruits, you might like to use sliced peaches or plums instead of the bananas or even some fresh berries, depending what is in season and what you can find. Continue reading

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