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Rice Pudding

Unusual Rice Pudding Recipe with Grape Gelatin

This recipe, known as “glorified rice” appears in a very early gelatin cookbook. We have modified it to use grape gelatin rather than lemon gelatin, but the rest of the ingredients and preparation remain the same. Not everyone likes combining rice with gelatin and, even if you love rice pudding recipes, you might find the concept of combining gelatin with rice strange. If in doubt, why not try the recipe for yourself? Perhaps you have some leftover rice, in which case this is an economical recipe to make and you might love it. The rice must be thoroughly cooked and very dry.

You can use any flavor of gelatin you like in this recipe and any kind of fruit juice. The original recipe called for pineapple juice but you can substitute that for anything you happen to have, such as orange juice or mixed fruit juice. If you want to make a two-tone gelatin mold, you can use two flavors of gelatin and let the first layer set before pouring on the second. You might find the salt a strange ingredient to feature in a gelatin dessert recipe but the original recipe calls for it, so you might like to add a little. If you really do not like the idea, you do not have to add any salt at all.

The rice adds texture to the gelatin, like you would get if you stirred in fruit or if you were to make a gelatin salad with nuts, marshmallows, and candies. Gelatin is delicious alone but even more delicious when you use it to make gelatin recipes, adding other ingredients to contrast with the gelatin flavor and texture. Most fans of rice pudding recipes will enjoy the following rice pudding and gelatin dish because the ingredients go together nicely and it is really easy to make. Continue reading

Easy Rice Pudding Recipe with Cinnamon

This rich, creamy rice pudding recipe is a classic favorite. Rice pudding can be served hot or chilled and there are lots of different recipes for it. The following rice pudding is flavored with citrus zest and topped with a sticky cinnamon raisin mixture. If you are not keen on raisins, you might like to serve fruit compote with this rice pudding recipe instead.

Also, you may use a whole cinnamon stick rather than the ground cinnamon, if you have one. If you are not keen on cinnamon, you might prefer adding a few drops of vanilla essence to the raisin mixture instead. Although the recipe calls for short-grain rice, you could substitute long-grain rice, since some people like making their rice pudding recipes with that.

In the UK you can get something called “pudding rice” which is a type of short-grain rice. The key point about rice pudding is that it is supposed to have a rich, creamy texture, and some types of rice will not achieve such a result, so use short-grain rice which soaks up a lot of liquid and has a soft texture and mild flavor. Divide the finished rice pudding between eight serving glasses immediately before serving it. You might have to stir a bit of milk through the mixture if it has solidified. Continue reading

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