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Summer Pudding

Easy Summer Pudding Dessert with Grape Gelatin

Summer pudding is a typical English dessert recipe. It is light, refreshing in the summer, and mouthwatering even in fall and winter, despite the name. The bright red hue of this dessert makes it very tempting and you can even serve it after Christmas dinner if you want something chilled and festive-looking. You only need five ingredients for this dessert but do not let that fool you into thinking it is not very tasty because it really is. The combination of fruit, bread, sugar, water, and gelatin is all you need to make an amazing treat for the whole family.

Gelatin is not a traditional summer fruit pudding ingredient but it is worth using because it enhances both the flavor and texture of this delicious cake. If you have a lot of fruit to use and a big pudding bowl, there is no reason you cannot double the recipe and make a jumbo-sized summer pudding. If you have a small bowl and not much fruit, halve the recipe if you want. The pudding does need to spend several hours in the refrigerator though, so the flavors can blend properly.

Home-baked bread or grocery store bread are both fine for making this summer berry pudding recipe. You can use currants, strawberries, blackberries or raspberries as the summer pudding berries in this gelatin dessert recipe, or you can use any combination of these. De-stoned Morello cherries are particularly good. Serve this dessert with well chilled sparkling wine if you are catering for a dinner party or another special occasion. This recipe will fill a 1 ¾ pint pudding bowl so adjust the quantities if need be. Continue reading

Summer Berry Pudding with Juicy Blackberries

This summer berry pudding is one of the nicest desserts you can make with gelatin. This pudding is very popular in the UK and it is often served in the spring or summer when the brambles are heavy with fat, juicy berries. It looks better with fresh berries but if they are out of season, you could use canned or frozen ones, as long as you do not mind it looking like you have done that.

Adding gelatin to your Martha’s Vineyard summer pudding means it will hold its shape better. Summer pudding is usually quite dense and stays together but using gelatin adds a nice flavor and also helps with the consistency or this summer pudding dessert. Some summer pudding berries recipes are left overnight in the refrigerator so the juice from the berries penetrates right the way through, staining the entire pudding pink or red. This recipe can be made a couple of hours before you eat it though, since the pudding is left white and just the top is colored. Alternatively, leave it overnight if you like, for a richer final color.

You can use any berry flavor of gelatin you like for this summer berry pudding. The recipe calls for raspberry gelatin but you could try wild strawberry flavor or cherry flavor instead if you want to. Any fruit flavor goes with the blackberries. Use an unwaxed lemon in this recipe, since you will be adding the zest to the mixture. Use a non-reactive pan when cooking the berries. Stainless steel would be fine; aluminum would not. This is because acidic foods can cause a chemical reaction with reactive materials. Continue reading

Easy Summer Pudding Recipe with Rhubarb

Summer pudding is a classic dish which contains berries and bread. The bread is used to line the outside of a basin and then the berry mixture is added. It is left overnight to soak so the berry juice can dye the bread red and this classic dessert is often served with whipped cream or ice cream. Perhaps you have tried summer pudding recipes before. This one is extra special though because it contains rhubarb as well as the berries, to add another flavor and texture.

The following recipe calls for blackcurrants, strawberries and raspberries, as well as the rhubarb, but you can use any kind of berries. Perhaps you want to use blackberries instead of the raspberries, or blueberries instead of the blackcurrants, which would be fine.

Summer pudding is called that because it is a beautiful dish to make in the summertime. Not only are cold desserts popular at this time of the year but you can use fresh berries which are in season during that time. If you want to use thawed berries instead you can but fresh ones will yield a nicer flavor. The fresh mint sprigs are an optional garnish. Another idea would be to serve this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzle some chocolate syrup over the top. Continue reading

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