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Banana Recipes

Sizzling Cinnamon Bananas Foster Crockpot Recipe

Although this dessert is traditionally set alight, you should not inflict that on your slow cooker! You can serve this wonderful banana recipe over butter pecan ice cream or vanilla ice cream. It is also great served over pound cake or angel food cake. If you love the taste of bananas, you will love this hot dessert because the bananas become soft and mushy and their flavor and aroma seems to intensify. The rum adds a great flavor to this wonderful crockpot dessert recipe.

Bananas Foster is usually made with bananas, cinnamon, dark rum, banana liqueur, and brown sugar, although the ingredients do vary from recipe to recipe. First the bananas are cooked with the sugar and butter (never use margarine instead of butter in this recipe – it will not be good) and then the alcohol is added to the mixture and ignited. The hot sauce and bananas are then served with ice cream so you get the heat from the sauce contrasting with the cold ice cream. This recipe is often made tableside so you can enjoy the flambé performance.

1951 at Brennan’s Restaurant, which is in New Orleans. He named it after Richard Foster, the New Orleans Crime Commission chairman and a friend of the restaurant owner. This famous banana dessert recipe is still served at a lot of the restaurants in New Orleans and also around the world. You can get a take-home printout of the recipe from Brennan’s Restaurant and according to that, white rum (clear rum) was used in the first recipe instead of the dark rum used more commonly today to make Bananas Foster. Continue reading

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