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Easy Lemon Bars Recipe

This lemon bar recipe combines both lemon gelatin and lemon instant pudding. Not only that but you need to add lemon zest too for a really tangy finish. This easy lemon bars recipe is easy to follow and the resulting bars are gorgeous.

If you enjoy the flavor of lemon, you will love these sweet treats. Enjoy them with a cup of tea or coffee, or a glass of milk. Kids as well as adults will enjoy the tangy citrus flavor. These are the best lemon bars, if you like a fresh lemon flavor, which is not overly sweet. Go easy on the powdered sugar to tone down the sweetness a bit more. The best way to get fine graham cracker crumbs is to put some graham crackers in a Ziploc bag and bash it with a rolling pin until the crumbs are as fine as you want them to be. For making crusts the finer the better, unless the recipe tells you otherwise.

The crust is really delicious and crumbly. In some pie recipes, the crust is filled and then baked. In others it is baked blind, which means filled with raw lentils, rice, or pie-making weights and baked empty. Since you are using melted butter to make this crust, chilling it is enough to set it, since when the butter gets cold, it sets again, and this holds the sugar and crumbs in place too. Continue reading

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