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Plum Strudel with Walnuts

A strudel is a delicious filo pastry wrapped fruit dessert and, although it is usually made with apples, you can use other fruits to make it. Plums work particularly well, or you can try peaches or sour cherry. The oldest recipe for strudel dates back to 1696. As well as the sweet ones you can also get savory strudels, with fillings like cabbage, pumpkin or spinach. There are also meat ones.

The following recipe shows you how to make a strudel with plums and walnuts. Swap one of the plums for a couple of tablespoons of chopped raisins if you like. The cinnamon is a nice addition and you can serve this dessert with whipped cream. Filo pastry can be made by hand or you can buy it frozen and just use that instead. Each layer is very thin and you need to lightly brush each layer with oil before adding the next.

Strudel is nice served warm from the oven with some powdered sugar on top, and you can serve it with some freshly whipped cream or else a scoop of vanilla ice cream is always nice with such a dessert. A lot of pastries can be quite heavy but filo pastry is comparatively light, so do not worry about this dessert being too filling, because it should not be. This is a dessert for any occasion and, despite the elegant presentation, it is nice and easy to put together. Continue reading

The Best Blackberry Cobbler Ever

Whether you are looking for exciting holiday dessert recipes, hot comfort food-type desserts or simply something that reminds you of all the great desserts your mother or grandmother used to make, this blackberry cobbler recipe might pique your interest. Featuring a juicy, warm blackberry layer, a homemade biscuit topping and a vanilla ice cream and fresh berry garnish, this elegant cobbler is one of our most simple dessert recipes.

There is nothing difficult about making this recipe and if you are new to dessert-making you can take shortcuts, such as using a buttermilk baking mix like Bisquick for the biscuit topping, to save time. If you want to fortify the blackberry flavor, you might also like to add a tablespoon or two of blackberry liqueur to the blackberry mixture before you bake it. This is optional though.

The amount of blackberries you need depends on the size of your pan. If you are using a 13 x 9 inch baking pan, use eight cups of blackberries. If you are using a cast iron skillet, six cups should be sufficient. Continue reading

Strawberry Crisp Recipe with Oatmeal

This wonderful recipe is great whatever the season. In the summer, you can serve it chilled with crème fraiche. In the fall or winter, try it hot with ice cream or whipped cream. Strawberry rhubarb crisp is a popular recipe and if you are familiar with strawberry rhubarb crumble, you might want to make this recipe. The combination of soft, sweet fruit and the crunchy oatmeal and flour-based topping is great and adding some cream or ice cream to the cooked dessert makes it extra good and finishes it off perfectly. This is a great family dessert but you can also make it for a dinner party; it is definitely impressive enough and everyone loves home-baked dessert recipes.

You can add some rhubarb if you like, or just use the strawberries. Loganberries, redcurrants, and raspberries are also good. You will find that the balsamic vinegar, which is dark, rich, sour and sweet at the same time, brings out the flavor of the strawberries really well, in case you were wondering why that was an ingredient. The gelatin powder fortifies the strawberry taste and it is used in this recipe to lend extra flavor rather than to change the consistency of the strawberry crumble.

You can make this strawberry crumble recipe in individual ramekins or in one big pot. It makes little difference but if you are serving them for a dinner party, making them in attractive individual containers might be nicer in terms of presentation. As you can imagine, this is one of the most delicious smelling gelatin recipes while it is in the oven. Your kitchen will smell really amazing. Continue reading

Blackberry Cobbler Easy As Can Be

This mouthwatering dessert can be made with fresh blackberries or thawed ones. It is best to use fresh blackberries for the garnish but if you don’t have any you can either leave the garnish off or use another kind of fresh berry, like raspberries or strawberries to finish the dish off. This recipe is made in two stages. First the blackberries are combined with lemon juice and sugar and cooked until they are hot and very soft. Then a Bisquick mixture is added and this forms the crumbly topping. The blackberry cobbler is served upside down, so the Bisquick topping goes into the serving glasses first and then the hot blackberry mixture goes on top. Finished off with a scoop of good quality vanilla ice cream (or whipped cream if that is what you prefer) this makes an outstanding dessert which is sure to impress.

When blackberries are in season you might find that you have a lot to use up and this blackberry cobbler is certainly a great way of transforming them into something extra special. If you like, you can use half blackberries and half raspberries or you can even introduce some peeled, cubed apple in place of some of the berries. Either way, this dessert is sure to come out delicious. Use thawed ones if you prefer but make sure you drain the excess water off.

Slow cooking takes the guesswork out of many recipes. For example, if you go over the suggested time by half an hour, that will not make much difference with a lot of crockpot recipes. If you forget about the blackberry cobbler in the oven though, you will be left with a black, tar-like mess! This is why a lot of beginner cooks who are looking for easy dessert recipes enjoy experimenting with the crockpot. It is very difficult to get the recipe wrong. Continue reading

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