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Classic Cherry Jubilee Recipe

Now you can make your own classic Cherry Jubilee Recipe. A homemade recipe for your own Cherry Jubilee is a great way to celebrate any occasion. Enjoy the best Cherry Jubilee for your parties and other social gatherings. This makes a very romantic Valentine’s day dessert because of the red color and flames. Try the best ever classic Cherry Jubilee Recipe.

Classic Cherry Jubilee Recipe

This lovely classic cherry jubilee recipe is a wonderful dessert to impress your guests. For extra special presentation spoon the ice cream into the dishes, flame the cherries, and prepare to serve while the blue flame dies. Igniting the cherries in front of guests is a superb presentation and easy to do as well. Your guests will undoubtedly be sure you just attended the nearest culinary school of fine baking. They will never know the ease of preparing this special dessert. The taste of this lovely classic cherry jubilee dessert will be one they will not forget soon.

A lovely dessert to prepare for your in-laws visit or that special anniversary date with your spouse. A special flaming classic cherry jubilee recipe is sure to light the flame of romance for any couple. Serve this lovely dessert in white fluted dessert dishes for a superb classic presentation. The lovely presentation is as superb as this classic cherry jubilee dessert recipe. Continue reading

Frozen Fruit Cups Recipe

Are you looking for a simple, healthy snack recipe to make for your children while they are out playing in the sun? Try my amazing frozen fruit cup recipe today and the kids are sure to love it! Watch my easy to follow recipe video that I have posted below for step-by-step instructions on how to make this health snack for your kids today!

Frozen Fruit Cups Recipe

A refreshing dessert entree that is easy and just perfect for a hot summer evening. Delectable fruits folded in with sour cream and lemon juice creates a creamy and luscious taste.

These easy frozen fruit cups make an excellent and healthy after school snack for the little ones too. Full of an abundance of Vitamin C and calcium they are perfect to hold the appetite for youngsters until dinner.

A perfect solution for those hot humid days, just take a few of these easy frozen fruit cups from the freezer. The entire family will love the cool refreshing taste of this easy dessert. Continue reading

Fruit Pizza Appetizer Recipe

This is a delicious fruit pizza appetizer recipe for parties and picnics. It’s a healthy alternative to greasy and fatty appetizer recipes. A fruit pizza is one of the best vegetarian appetizers that adults and children both love to eat. Makes a great appetizer before any main course. Great for casual or formal dinners as well as outdoor parties. You can use any kind of fruit you like, either berries like in the photo, or other types of yummy fruit.

Pizza Recipes | Pizza Dough Recipe

Fruit Pizza Appetizer Recipe

Surprisingly creamy and refreshing is what each guest will taste in every bite of this easy Fruit Pizza appetizer. Crunchy and sweet cookie dough crust with sweet cream cheese and fruits bursting with flavor. Continue reading

Gooseberry Fool Meringue Cookie Recipe

Gooseberries are often sadly underused in recipes, especially gelatin recipes, but in this wonderful dessert, you can combine them with meringue and create a dessert to die for. Gooseberries vary in color from red to green and their flavor has been compared to that of the Muscat grape. There are hundreds of gooseberry varieties.

Gelatin sheets are used in this recipe rather than gelatin powder, which gives similar results but works in a slightly different way. Gelatin is used to make a sticky syrup to stick the meringues together. Gelatin would not be sticky enough unless you made it really strong and then the flavor would be too strong, so gelatin sheets are the way to do this. You can serve leftover gooseberry syrup with ice cream if you want.

Gooseberries have to be cooked when you use them in gooseberry recipes, else they tend to be bitter. We are going to make a gooseberry puree which holds the meringues together. You might have enjoyed a gooseberry fool recipe before but this would not be able to cement the meringues like the gooseberry puree can. Remember that when these filled meringues reach room temperature they will fall apart, so serve them chilled! Continue reading

Raspberry Meringue Pavlova Recipe

It is always best to make meringue on a cool, dry day if possible because humidity turns meringue sticky and chewy which is not the desired result. If the day is hot or humid, you might be able to keep your kitchen cool when you make them. You can use strawberries or blueberries if you do not like raspberries or if you cannot get them. Part of the attraction of raspberry pavlova is the color and the way the bright red raspberries stand out against the stark white meringue.

Raspberry pavlova is an impressive dessert and it is perfect to serve at a garden party or dinner party. The crisp meringues contrast well with the juicy berries and the delicious Cool Whip. Raspberries and meringues are the perfect partners.

This raspberry pavlova is sweet, crispy, fruity, and creamy all at once. Perhaps you have enjoyed a raspberry & white chocolate pavlova before or used pudding in a similar dessert recipe and you will find that the vanilla pudding is perfect for sticking the meringues together and the creamy texture is beautiful with the berries in this raspberry meringue pavlova recipe. Continue reading

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