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Rhubarb Recipes

Sweet and Tart Recipe Rhubarb Jam

Even today, preserving food is a necessity in many countries and jams, jellies, preserves and relishes are popular methods of keeping fruits and vegetables from spoiling. When thinking of jam and jelly, fruit comes to mind and it surprises some people when they realize the other foods preserved in this manner. Mint, for example, is an herb and yet it creates some of the best jelly around. Rhubarb is a vegetable and along with its delicious contribution to crumbles, tarts and pies, makes a delicious jam. Used in stews, it also makes a flavorful pureed sauce that accompanies fish dishes.

Jam is a kitchen event that takes quite a bit of open space and organization. Clear the table so there is plenty of room for the gear needed with a major production like jam. Use a cutting board to chop and trim ingredients and follow the instructions carefully. Adding herbs and spices for additional flavoring is better by putting them into a muslin casing and immersing it in the jam mixture while it is cooking, then removing and discarding the contents of the muslin when the cooking is finished.

To bruise ginger root, take the piece of root for cooking and beat it with a mallet to break the fibers in the root. If this is your first attempt at jam, you will be delighted with the results. Sometimes recipes give us more than what we intend to use in a year and jam is a very nice gift. Add some decorations to the jar such as a bright ribbon or crafted holly leaf to give it a special ornamental look. Continue reading

Just Perfect Rhubarb Buttermilk Muffin Recipe

Not everyone realizes how many different ways rhubarb adds texture, flavor, and variety to common meals. When you add it to stew, it adds taste and consistency to make dinner heartier than usual. Most everyone has either eaten or encountered strawberry- rhubarb pie, good by itself, with whipped or heavy cream or vanilla ice cream. You will even find recipes for rhubarb jello and rhubarb cookies. This is a great plant to grow and if you have never considered it, look at the information on the internet and prepare to be surprised. It takes just a little room, is a great ornamental plant, and is easy to prepare.

One of the reasons it is so popular in baking is the pinkish -red color it gets when cooked. It is decorative and an enjoyable additive. It is also easy to prepare. The important thing is remembering to toss the leaves, which are poisonous. The stalks, however, are fine, and the acid balances out sugar in the recipe. It is hard to believe the number of rhubarb recipes that exist with more created daily. Who knows, you might discover a new rhubarb recipe to share with others.

Rhubarb is low in calories, so if you use sugar substitute with your recipes you will be saving quite a few calories when eating a bowl of stewed rhubarb. There is some vitamin C and potassium and the stalk has a water content of 95 percent. In the end, the best thing is that it tastes good. Once you try this perfect rhubarb buttermilk muffin recipe, look for the other delicious rhubarb recipes that give you a way to enjoy baking and cooking and make your friends and family happy, too. Continue reading

Country Style Rhubarb Jam

There is no doubt that apple and rhubarb jam are among the best choices you will have when it comes to country style jam offerings. These selections do have a rich flavor and are often considered to be some of the richest choices you will have. These jams do tend to offer quite a bit of room for you to explore with spices and other elements that can make them an excellent choice. What you are going to want to do is take a few moments to consider all the different options that you will have and come up with an experience that will set your jam apart from some of the others.

When you are considering apple and rhubarb jam, you will find that simple flavors can often be the best approaches you can take it focusing on the depth of flavor of the fruit or vegetable. This can be done through simple juice and white sugar being used. Of course, you will find that orange can help to bring out the flavor of rhubarb and you might want to consider that an option when you are making jars of your favorite mixtures.

Keep in mind that no matter what approach you take, you are going to find that the apple and rhubarb jams that you make will remain the favorite choices for your family. Take a few moments to consider all the different choices you are going to have and begin to discover some of the best combinations you can make to have some delicious jam offerings. You need to keep in mind that the fresher the produce you use, the better the overall flavor is going to be. Continue reading

Traditional Rhubarb Sticky Buns Recipe

These wonderful rhubarb sticky buns are served warm from the oven. You could serve them cooled if you prefer but being warm makes them smell extra-good and taste even better. This recipe is made in two parts. First you have a juicy rhubarb mixture and then you have a fluffy batter which turns into the bun when you cook them.

These rhubarb sticky buns are turned out on to a plate after being in the muffin cups, which means the rhubarb layer ends up on top. You can use frozen rhubarb if fresh rhubarb is unavailable. Just thaw it overnight in the refrigerator.

Rhubarb buns are lovely served with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon, as a pick-me-up when you fancy something nice. These are sweet and moist, and once you taste them you will wonder why you never used rhubarb in this way before, because it adds plenty of moisture and flavor to the buns, without making them overly sweet. Rhubarb is not naturally sweet so you can use it in both sweet recipes (with added sugar or sweetener) or savory ones, as you wish. Continue reading

Healthy Strawberry Rhubarb Whole Wheat Muffins

This recipe for strawberry rhubarb whole-wheat muffins requires fresh strawberries and rhubarb and these ingredients are paired with typical muffin ingredients like flour, oil, egg and milk, as well as cinnamon and oats for a robust and wholesome flavor. You will need a muffin tip with twelve cups to make this recipe, but feel free to use a pair of tins and double the recipe. This strawberry rhubarb whole-wheat muffins recipe is so good that you might want to make twice the amount. If you are doing this, rotate the trays halfway through the cooking time. Ovens are hotter at the top (because heat rises) so if you do not rotate the trays (put the one at the top at the bottom and vice versa) you might get overcooked strawberry rhubarb whole wheat muffins in the top of the oven and undercooked ones underneath, so this tip is worth following.

Whether to use paper liners or not is up to you but if you do not have any then do not forget to grease the cups in the muffin tray, else the muffins will be hard to get out without breaking them. Strawberries and rhubarb pair well together. Technically strawberries are a fruit and rhubarb is a vegetable but when you mix rhubarb with sweet ingredients it goes perfectly. Feel free to switch the strawberries for another type of berry but keep the rhubarb – these strawberry rhubarb whole wheat muffins just would not be the same otherwise!

You can use any kind of milk in the recipe, such as whole milk, half-fat milk, or skim milk. Almond milk would work too. The same applies to the sugar and you could use white sugar in this recipe or brown sugar. Brown sugar would perhaps be more in keeping with the wholesome taste of these strawberry rhubarb whole-wheat muffins, but the choice is yours. Continue reading

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