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Dessert Types

The Very Best Easy Dessert Recipes

The range of possible desserts is huge, so where do you start? If you are interesting in learning how to make simple dessert recipes yourself, think about your favorite desserts. What did your mother or grandmother used to make that you enjoyed eating? What do you always find yourself ordering for dessert at restaurants? If you have the right recipe, it is possible to recreate any dessert and make it taste as good as you remember.

You might like to start by baking a cheesecake, preparing a layered gelatin dessert, or making an apple crisp or a pumpkin pie recipe. The more desserts you make the better at dessert making you will become, and the family is sure to enjoy eating the results of your culinary efforts.

Why Homemade Dessert is Unbeatable

Even the best-thawed boxed dessert is never going to be a match for homemade dessert recipes, because nothing tastes as fresh as homemade desserts. Also, homemade recipes (savory or sweet) have their own charm, and prepackaged food never beats that. Your house will smell amazing and you can also have fun making desserts.

How to Have Fun Making Dessert

Dessert making does not have to be stressful, as long as you plan in advance what you are going to cook, choose something within your capabilities as a home cook, and buy all the ingredients you need. You might like to get the kids to help you out. Kids are often keen to take part in cooking when they know they are going to enjoy eating the results, so you can get younger kids to stir and mix the ingredients, or older ones to weigh and measure out the ingredients.

Anything involving sharp knives or hot ovens should be left to you, but the kids can be helpful and you can also let them garnish or decorate your cakes, pies, mousse recipes, gelatin desserts, or other simple dessert recipes.

If you do not have kids to help you, then you can still have fun making dessert recipes. The very best dessert recipes are those which are fun rather than being a chore, so if you love to bake cookies, then bake cookies. If you are at home all day, you might like to make a layered gelatin dessert, since you have to wait for each layer to set before adding the next. If you are in a rush, then there are plenty of easy pie recipes you can make with a readymade piecrust and a few ingredients you can whip together for the filling.

Pick a dessert which fits in with your timeframe, cooking ability and requirements, and it should come out just fine. There is never any point in choosing a very complicated dessert which is likely to go wrong. Simple dessert recipes can be just as tasty as more fiddly ones.

Achieving Dessert Recipe Perfection

Making the best dessert recipes means using the best ingredients, and also taking care of the dessert as you go. This does not mean you have to use expensive ingredients like saffron, gourmet chocolate, or the most costly types of nuts, but it does mean you should go for quality ingredients wherever you can.

If a recipe tells you that you can use either butter or margarine, then you should know butter always gives a richer, creamier flavor. Margarine might also work (and be lower in fat) but you will be sacrificing flavor and richness. If a recipe suggests an optional splash of sherry, brandy or another kind of liqueur, then this will also boost the flavor, but leave it out if you wish. If you are cooking the recipe, then the alcohol will be burnt off, leaving only the flavor behind.

So how do you take care of the dessert as you go? This means you should either follow the recipe carefully or adapt it if you know what you are doing. It also means you must watch the dessert in the oven if it is baking, at least near the end of the baking time. Some desserts can turn from baked perfection to charcoal in a couple of minutes, so be careful when making simple dessert recipes, because it would be a shame to put all that effort into making something and then burn it.

Also remember there is no such thing as a “perfect dessert” for everyone, because what one-person finds delicious another might not like at all. Everyone has their own tastes and preferences. You probably already have a good idea of what your family likes and dislikes, so you will know whether cakes, pies, chocolate desserts, fruit desserts, mousse recipes, or another kind of dessert is likely to impress them the most.

So, enjoy browsing our extensive collection of the best dessert recipes and happy cooking!


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