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Brilliant Brownies for Any Occasion

Which dessert combines chocolate, a great flavor and a distinctive moist finish? Yes, that’s right, it has to be brownies. Brownies are similar to chocolate cake, but they feature a wonderful gooey texture which not only adds flavor but keeps them moist every time. It is hard to overcook them because even if you do they should still be moist and tasty. Brownies have been around since the late 1800s and they are halfway between a cookie and a cake in terms of texture. Depending on the recipe, they can usually be picked up in the hand, making them ideal box lunch fare. You can also grab one as a quick snack if you want something sweet, washing it down with a cup of coffee or glass of milk.

Different Types of Brownies

These delicious treats can be similar to cake or more like fudge, depending on the recipe, and ingredients which might feature include chocolate chips, whipped cream, frosting, fruit and nuts. Leave out the chocolate and make the recipe with brown sugar and the resulting dessert is called a blondie. It is true that brownies are ideal for all kinds of occasions and you can make simple brownies recipe or try something different like our chocolate caramel brownies or our strawberry brownie recipe, if you prefer. Kids in particular adore brownies, but so do the grownups, so if you make this recipe, you will be sure of pleasing the whole family.


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