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Birthday Cake

Charming Homemade Birthday Cake

If you are celebrating someone’s birthday, making a homemade cake rather than purchasing one is a very good idea. Anyone can make a birthday cake and you do not have to choose something over-complicated. Birthday cakes vary hugely in terms of shape, color, flavor and style. You can make this type of cake for a child or grownup, and you can add your own touches to make it extra-special and unique. Birthday cakes can be as simple as you wish or you can add all kinds of decorations from various frostings to fruit, candies and even fresh flowers. Birthday cakes allow you to be really creative in the kitchen.

Birthday Cake Ideas and Inspiration

Birthday cake is something you can have a lot of fun with, because you can choose from a wide variety of types. Experiment with different shape cake molds for a fun result, or combine fruit with chocolate, gelatin with candies, or another combination. Birthday cakes can be elegant or crazy, small or large, light or decadent.

You do not have to find a birthday cake recipe to make a birthday cake either. In fact, any cake with a few candles on it can be a birthday cake, so if you are not interesting in making a traditional style birthday cake, pick out another sort of cake, choose a few candles to go on top and you can tailor the cake to your exact requirements.


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