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Cake with Fruit

Fruit Cake for Everyone

Using fruit in cake is a great idea because it goes so well. Fruit is a natural addition to many cake recipes, whether you are using dried or candied fruit or the fresh kind. Some recipes even incorporate fruit or fruit juice in the batter to add another element to the flavor as well as adding moisture to the cake itself. Some heavy types of cake might feature not only fruit but also nuts and even liqueur, for a rich, bold flavor. Other kinds will use berries, stone fruits or another type for added sweetness and flavor.

Different Kinds of Fruit Cake

Fruit cake might feature fresh, thawed or canned fruit. When the fruit is used as a decoration, it is usually fresh fruit because the texture of canned or thawed fruit is different and not so attractive. If the fruit is mixed into the batter then it might be any type. Some cake recipes will feature applesauce or another fruit product rather than chopped, sliced or whole fruits.

Sometimes you will see a fruit garnish is optional on a cake and other times the fruit is a key part of the recipe. Angel food cake, for example, is often served with strawberries but that is an optional extra and you can make an angel food cake without adding the fruit. Apple cake is obviously not going to be apple cake without any apples! When making fruit cake, choose the best, ripest, most perfect-looking fruit if you are going to be decorating the cake with it.


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