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Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake is the Ultimate Comfort Cake

Who does not love chocolate cake? Whether you opt to make something elegant or something sticky and gooey, chocolate cake is always a winner. Choose from dark, milk or white chocolate, or combine different kinds of chocolate if you prefer. Add chocolate curls or chocolate chips and you will end up with a cake every chocoholic has been dreaming about. Chocolate cake can even be healthy if you choose dark chocolate, limit the amount of sugar, add some nutritious nuts, and perhaps add fruit as a contrasting topping.

The Perfectly Balanced Chocolate Cake

There is no such thing as a chocolate cake which is too rich, and if you do want to make a rich one then just serve it in smaller portions. Everyone deserves a slice of this wonderful type of cake sometimes and after a long, hard day, a slice of chocolate cake is the ideal thing to lift the spirits. You can make individual chocolate muffins or cupcakes, or one big one. Some brides even have chocolate cake at their wedding because they love it so much. This is a lovely choice for pretty much any occasion.

Fruit and chocolate go well together, so you might like to look at chocolate cakes featuring orange, cherries or candied fruits, or you might like to decorate yours with strawberries and whipped cream or similar, so you end up with a nice flavor, color and texture contrast. When making your own cakes, of course anything is possible.


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