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Coffee Cake

One of the most gourmet cake experiences you can have is coffee cake, and even though cake is often viewed as comfort food, adding coffee to your cake always adds a sophisticated edge to it, perhaps because this is a cake flavor reserved for the grownups and not one you would associate with the kids. Coffee cake does not have to be eaten with a cup of coffee (although if you love coffee, why not?) and you can choose from one which a subtle hint of coffee to one which boasts a strong coffee flavor.

Different Coffee Cake Varieties

Some recipes will call for brewed espresso while others will call for a tablespoon of coffee granules or even some coffee flavored syrup. You can always add more of the coffee flavor if you love the taste of coffee and want it to be stronger in your cake. That is one of the great things about making your own recipes – you can always increase the amount of flavorings for a stronger flavor or decrease them for a more subtle finish.

A coffee cake might have coffee in the batter or it might be a plain cake with coffee flavored frosting or icing on top. Perhaps you are adding chocolate too, in which case you will have a mocha cake. There are lots of different possibilities. Coffee cake remains one of the most popular choices because it is so delicious.


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