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Mousse Cake

Mouthwatering Mousse Cake

If you cannot decide between mousse and cake, why not make a mousse cake and enjoy both at the same time? You can contrast any flavor of mousse with any flavor of cake, and of course there are plenty of colors to choose from too. Mousse adds moisture to the dessert and you can use it instead of frosting or other decorations. A mousse cake recipe might include gelatin, fruit or other touches, or it might just be the mousse and the cake combined.

The Best Recipes for Cake with Mousse

Making a mousse cake is really no more difficult than making any other kind of cake. You will make the mousse and the cake separately and then put them together attractively at the end. The mousse usually goes on top because it is lighter, although some recipes feature different layers and you might even have more than one kind of cake or more than one kind of mousse in the one dessert.

Mousse comes in many flavors including vanilla, strawberry, citrus, chocolate and coffee, and of course there are lots of types of cake too, so you can come up with all kinds of appetizing combinations for your mousse cake, depending on how much time you have, how experienced you are, what the occasion is and what sort of result you are looking for. Mousse cake can be enjoyed as a late afternoon treat and it is also very nice served after dinner as a dessert.


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