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Simple Cake Recipes

The Most Simple Cake Recipes

Whether you are new to baking or just looking for something non-complicated you can make with easy, we have plenty of simple cake recipes to whet your appetite. Often, the simple recipes are the best ones, the ones you want to make again and again. If you want to make a cake for a special occasion without risking anything going wrong, choose a simple recipe and you can be sure the cake will come out beautifully. A simple cake does not have to be a dull cake and you can make something that looks and tastes impressive. Nobody else will have to know it was simple to prepare.

Delicious and Easy Cakes

A cake recipe might only require 5 or 6 ingredients, and you can make cakes without frosting, icing or decorations if you want to make something basic. Even frosted cakes can be easy to make and you can add fruit, candies, a readymade frosting or even edible flowers for an elegant decoration to detract from, or enhance, the simplicity of the cake.

Choose from vanilla, coffee, chocolate or fruit cake, or find another one to whet your appetite. Simple cakes are perfect for all kinds of occasions and you can include cake in your kids’ box lunch, serve it as a dessert or offer it to unexpected guests when they visit for a coffee. Actually, serving homemade cake is sure to impress anybody who visits you, and it is worth having some homemade cake on standby if you like to offer a warm welcome to visitors.


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